Delhi’s Desperate ‘Jugaadoo’

VC Burman_Monika BurmanVC Burma_On BoardForemost for the uninitiated I should explain the term – ‘Jugaad’ or ‘Jugaadoo’. ‘Jugaad’ is basically manipulation and the person who indulges in ‘Jugaad’ – the ‘Jugaadoo’ in that sense is the manipulator. Delhi  is the infamous capital of Jugaad. Everybody is a fixer and they can ‘Jugaad’ you a free VIP seat at IPL Matches, admission in top-notch schools and colleges, and so-on-and-so-forth. This is one of the reasons not many ticketed music shows happen in Delhi as 80% tickets are given out on Jugaad quota and the promoters hardly make any money.

VC Burman_BCAS I_DBCAS I-D CardLast week while traveling back from Mumbai to Delhi, I found one such top-notch Jugadoo. It is a well-know gentleman – VC Burman, the Chairman of Dabur Group. I was amazed to see a ‘Sarkari’ Identity Card hung from his neck and sneaked close to see what it was. To my utter surprise, the ID Card was that of ‘Bureau of Civil Aviation Security’. I wondered what VC Burman got to do with Civil Aviation since his company is into food products, Ayurvedic products, insurance (Aviva) and investments. Dabur Group has not even remotely got anything to do with civil avaiation and I am not aware of any expertise that VC Burman posess on security matters.

Bureau of Civil Aviation SecuritySo why was VC Burman a Member of Bureau of Civil Aviation Security? To enjoy the privilege of sailing through security checks??? I don’t understand why men of such repute need to do ‘Jugaad’ for such trivial benefits. VC Burman is also the Honorary Consul General of Nicaragua, yet another ‘jugadoo’ position that Delhi big-shots clamour for.


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  1. God_ShaReeF says:

    Oh Dear,
    Spare these Ghetto GherKin Blasters.
    Whole Dabur clan is famous for such…
    They are so boring including their BIG Mouth Monica Darling
    AaawWw YawWw… very sleepy SORRY!!!
    Eeeeee MarDaana features of Divya 🙁
    i just had a BAD Dream about Burmans 🙁
    Poor Amit

  2. Anthead says:

    Why do the Daburs have a very Bengali last name if they are not Bengali? Apparently the founder Dr. SK Burman was even based in Kolkata. Are the current Dabur clan actually related to the Dabur founder, or yahan pe bhi kuchh ghapla hai?

  3. raj agarawal says:

    Oh oh lets get in the BURMAN HISTORY – sweetie is the name -but BITCHY IS HER GAME – THEY ARE THE BIGGEST ASS LIKING COUPLE – on ONE HAND THEY FIGHT WITH LALIT and Minal Modi _ their grandchildren are from Minal modis daughter – On the other hand they attend ALL OUTSTATION MODI parties as free loaders- hahaha- also guess VIVEK BURMAN lives and free loads on SWEETIES home in delhi – WITH ALL THE MONEY – so called
    Latest story is how desparte sweetie is to get a RICH BAHU and a proper MARRIGE FOR HER BADA BETA – sorry no luck hoNEY –
    Baba is a good boy

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