Much before Salman Khan the Bollywood Baddies Stripped on Screen

Many of us believe that it was Salman Khan who started the trend of taking off his shirt in Bollywood. But that is not correct. In fact much before Sallu Bhai went shirtless and John Abraham gave a sneak-peek of his butt, it was the Bollywood Baddies who did not just took off their shirts but the pants too. These legendary Bollywood Villains neither had six-packs to flaunt nor waxed their chests. They were just Au Naturale!

Here you can see Danny Denzongpa in nothing but his black frenchie. Danny is naturally hairless like most of our brethren from the North Eastern states and I must add that he looks fit. AaaoooShakti Kapoor too bared it all with just a cloth thrown over his vitals while Ranjeet went totally bare and did not even hide behind a loin cloth.

Aditya Pancholi who made his debut with Nari Hira’s video movies, too posed in the buff for one of Hira’s seedy movies. And why the hell is Chunky Pandey showing-off his hairy arm-pits???

8 Replies to “Much before Salman Khan the Bollywood Baddies Stripped on Screen”

  1. Obnoxious says:

    This post is gayer than you.

    Go ahead don’t put this comment up on your website. but you know what i mean!

  2. XxX says:

    Ranjeet is total drool….

  3. pbriseis says:

    oh come on its just an article…..relax whose gay whose straight does it matter im sure we have all experimented somehow or r u gay obnoxious ? and dont want people to know it…..just live and let live ok….go get a drink somewhere if u cant pay for it ask the desperate housewife gang of delhi boss tashu..then comes archies wife soumya why archies if u know what i mean maybe they will pay for u…….

  4. Anu says:

    That was god awful, and now an obnoxiously nangu Shakti Kapoor’s ewww image is burnt on my retina. Ewwww.

    the only way that will go away is if I look at something worse. Do you have a pic of Om puri au naturale?

  5. Siddharth says:

    Aditya Pancholi is the only one hot. And Anu’s comment is irritating.

  6. Whats the difference between kollywood and bollywood?

  7. Aditya Nagar says:

    When women don’t feel to exposing their hot bodies then why should men be shame of….

  8. ankitsw1 says:

    I dont know why people are that much crazy about him.

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