Salman Khan is this TRUE?

Salman_Fake BodThis picture says it all. It reveals the truth behind those six-packs that Bollywood actors on the wrong side of 40 flaunt on the celluloid. Here you can clearly see that computer graphics being used to give Salman Khan those toned six-packs. Wow!

Waddyaaa say? You believe this picture or you believe that Salman Khan actually has those packs??? I am neutral on this!

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  1. Loveleen says:

    I can believe that Sallu has 6 packs… But unable to digest Shahrukh’s so called 8 packs in Happy New Year…any comments Jack about that new hype

  2. Neha says:

    is there any truth to the Kat-Hrithik affair? she seems to be happy around him. any dope on that Jack?

  3. Cluster F says:

    shah rukh actually has those abs, tho its not only hard work but a variant of steroids. They pump the body up really fast. Its pretty popular amongst a lot of actors and gym users.

  4. Colossial says:

    Looks like Salman’s truth about his body is out.Many male actors use computer graphics to show physique. They also use liposuction and six pack silicon implants for permanent 6 pack abs. The guys are provided with a combination of steroids( powder, injections or tablets), fat burning pills along protein powder which tastes like cardboard along with heavy protein diet and rigorous exercise.People who use steroids generally have erectile dysfunction so now steroids are flushed out from body after some time.

    For the female actors and wannabe models liposuction with low carbohydrate- high fiber diet along with fat burners is done. The exercises are usually cardio( treadmill, running, jumping etc) which continue per day for at least 4 to 6 hours. Nowadays many people go for high intensity interval training which is the combination of cardio, strength training and weights with dietary control which is the long way.

    I am regular gym goer so I do know what people use to loose weight and build their body.

  5. Lovely says:

    FashionScandal. Mumbai Mirror has ripped off your post. Not fair! Many Bollywood actors are abusing steroids to get their ripped look (bulging veins is a big clue) but Salman Khan is abusing CG. LOL!

  6. Etios says:

    The first pic looks fake, Salman may not have six pack but he won’t be in that bad shape too as he is a fitness freak.

    Shahrukh is definitely on HGH or something similar as his body pumps up very fast whenever it is required for a role which is not possible without HGH or steroids. But this is common in both Hollywood and Bollywood whenever significant gain is required for a particular role.

  7. jack says:

    Mumbai Mirror is a CHOR!

  8. kunal says:

    you are neutral on this because he can kick your ass! and the reality is that you don’t have the balls to fuck with him! true or false?

  9. jack says:

    Really he can kick my ass??? Well I am now sure Salman’s 6-packs are created via computer graphics!

  10. God_Shareef says:

    Jack’s neutrality is bit more of an expressional tone while speaking or writing which hasn’t got anything to do with some dum in the a$$ or anything else for that matter.
    This post with carried picture define everything on its own and please do not forget that how this story popped up everyWhere after firsty’fashScan.
    Anything else to say?
    Hello CopyCats of Tabloids???

  11. Laveena says:

    Lol @ Jack’s reply to Kunal

    Message to Salma, it’s not hard to get ripped, just follow Tony Hornton’s P90X3 😉

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