Is VICTORIA’S SECRET Launching PETTICOAT For Indian Market?

I am sure if the famous lingerie brand – Victoria’s Secret is thinking of signing on Vidya Balan as the Brand Ambassador for India, they must be adding Petticoats and Blouses in their merchandise for the Indian Consumers. Bullshit!!!

Our media goes beserk if their appears a dash of Bollywood in an international show and comes out with all kinds of unverified stories. Just because the song Ooh La La from Dirty Picture featuring Vidya Balan was played as the background track at the Victoria’s Secret 2011 Show, it doesn’t mean VS is planning to sign on Vidya Balan. Come on use some basic logic. Even minus the 12 Kilos that Vidya put-on for her role as Silk in the movie Dirty Picture, she isn’t a lingerie brand ambassador material. Of course yes if Victoria’s Secret is planning to introduce Petticoats & Blouses in their product range for India.

Here is the link to the Video Clip of models sashaying to the Ooh La La number in the Victoria’s Secret 2011 Show:

Kanye West and Jay-Z performed Live at the Show so does that mean they got something coming up their way from VS???

The use of Bollywood Song – OOh La La from Dirty Picture is probably to go with one of Victoria’s Secret Product that is labelled Ooh La La. High-Waist Miniskirt with Panty has been Trademarked by Vicoria’s Secret as Confident and Curvy ™ Ooh La La ™ .

7 Replies to “Is VICTORIA’S SECRET Launching PETTICOAT For Indian Market?”

  1. A.R says:

    JD, the youtube clip is actually a mash-up probably done by a fan using clips from a previous show (I think last year). But I haven’t seen this year’s show yet….so maybe there’s a genuine clip out there somewhere?!

  2. eatprayshop says:

    I saw the show I don’t remember that song being played, log onto to watch it, and do let me know when it was played, also Usher did not perform this year and that clip has Usher in it.

  3. fakefashion1 says:

    On seeing this video you can easily tell its edited.Its been done really well.All the frames are coordinated with the Music. How on earth you can assume its an official video from Victoria Secret ..its been syncd really well my friend.Kindly get your facts right.or you are obsessed with just writing anything and everything.Some of your last few posts are distasteful.Please put your time and knowledge to something which promotes young indian fashion and benefits the industry. You are such a well networked guy, i will suggest put that to some good use my friend. god bless.

  4. jack says:

    Similar mistake was made by Prestigious Media – both Print & Electronic. India Today, Mail Today, DNA, etc… AAj Tak, Headlines Today, Star News went ahead and even proclaimed that Vidya Balan is the Brand Ambassador of Victoria’s Secret for India.
    The post I put up was to argue that just because a Bollywood soundtrack was being used in a fashion show doesn’t mean the Label is hiring the Actor dancing in the song as their Face. I was pointing fingers at the Print And Electronic media that went on a Media Blitzkrieg on Vidya BaIan, the FACE of VS! I guess I failed in making that point and hence got loads of sermon and flak from you.
    Will keep this in mind ‘fakefashion1’.

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  6. cleanam says:

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