Mumbai’s TOP MILFs

I apologise for delay in putting up this post on TOP MILFs (Mommies I would Love to Flirt) about, which I posted earlier here: . The problem was tabulating the most-popular names reccomended by the readers. Also I discovered an entirely new and innovative jargon – ‘RAISINS’. Just like a juicy and a taut grape that dries up and turns in to a shriveled up raisin, many MILFs were defined as RAISINS by folks basically. The villain in here is the overdose of cosmetology!

Anyway here are the TOP MILFs of MUMBAI:

The surprising factor that I discovered here while tabulating the TOP MILFs of Mumbai was that not many names were reccomended from B-Town Mommies or the infamous Bollywood Mommies known better as Bandra Bitches! So here are the TOP MUMBAI MILFs:

Twinkle Khanna’s porcelain complexion, curvaceous body and perfect fashion sensibilities makes her a very desirable MILF. Besides she does not come across as a Mommy having her fun…the adulterous kind. My vote too goes to this Punjabi Kudi!

Sonali Bendre is the other B-Town Mommy who figured in almost all the suggestions. Her height combined with just the right amount of curves at the right places maker her definitely very desirable. Sonali too enjoys a nice reputation and there are rarely any scandals associated to her. 

Sushmita Sen the famous Single Mommy seems to have many fans. The former Miss Universe though known to be a very dominating woman who hasn’t really been good when it comes to her relationships with men has no dearth of men wanting to flirt with her.

Malaika Arora Khan is the only Mommy from the Khan-daan to make it to this coveted TOP MUMBAI MILFs list. I am sure it’s thanks to her booty. Malaika has her fair share of scandals but I think the readers are in awe of her butt and hence I was poured with requests for her inclusion. By the way, gossip mill says she periodically gets Butt-Job done.

Sangeeta Bijlani spends most of her time in Mumbai these days. Her marriage with Azharuddin isn’t going anywhere. Many has the hots for this Bijlani babe who was one of Sallu’s long surviving girlfriend. Sangeeta Bijlani has a major oomph factor that makes her quiet irresistible.

Natasha Poonawala is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable lady in India. She has a closet full of latest fashion wear and haute couture. In the ‘looks’ department also Natasha scores high and same goes with her well-toned body. But hey Natasha is definitely a very high-maintenance woman. But the should that stop one flirting with this gorgeous Mommy???

Anju Chulani received loads of votes. However I think she cannot be called a Mumbai Mommy any more as she has leased out her Mumbai Beach House and relocated to London. Still this baby-faced gorgeous woman makes it to the TOP MILFs list.

Rhea Pillai seems to be evergreen. She looks the same as she looked 10 years back. Her petit and innocent look has floored many. Rhea hasn’t been lucky with marriages. Let us see how long the Leander Paes saga goes. Besides that she makes to be a great MILF.

Anu Dewan, the famous Birkin Queen of Mumbai who licks-up the Bandra Bitches has many who suggested her name in the Mumbai MILF List. I wasn’t keen to have her here because she has a funny nose (like a parrot’s) but then I succumb to readers’ request.

Perizaad Kolah the pretty dimpled beauty that hosted a TV Show – Comedy Circus is the perfect MUMBAI MILF. She is hot, she is graceful and she is pretty too. What else would you want in a Mommy???

And the RAISINS (Mommies who turned victims of Botox, Lipo, Tummy-Tuck, et al and turned all wrinkly and scrawny) are Queenie Singh, Gauri Khan, Ramona Narang, Mehr Rampal and Suzanne Roshan. Most readers found these women NOT SEXY and TOO PLASTIC!






10 Replies to “Mumbai’s TOP MILFs”

  1. Dd says:

    Tara Sharma?

  2. raj says:

    where is the list of delhi females, jack u promised milfs of delhi and mumbai, dis one is just mumbai, waiting for the remainder

  3. BC says:

    Good stuff. Now do a DILFs poll!

  4. jack says:

    hi Raj, Delhi MILFs are coming up on Sunday!

  5. jack says:

    Hey BC, must say u have a great Blog. I do reccomend it to my friends n have quoted you whenever I borrowed posts from your Blog.
    Yes the Delhi Milfs are coming out on Sunday…

  6. Anthead says:

    Ewww, who thinks Anu Dewan is a MILF? Seriously, there’s no reason to include behenji never turned mod Anu in any list like this.

  7. abc says:

    gayatri joshi oberoi ?? Anyone … no-one ????

  8. Sheena says:

    Anu Dewan is a disgrace to MILF. The lady has no style, grace, beauty and I am confidant, brains.

  9. aarti says:

    i second gayatri joshi oberoi…

  10. FK says:

    Lata Patel

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