Tanisha, the ‘Hostess-for-Hire’!

Tanisha Mohan is hosting Rocky S’ Festive Preview at Aza in Delhi today. Her SMS invite promises canapes and champagne (Cheap Marquis De Pompodour :() and Bollywood muses of Rocky to schmooze with.

It’s not new that a Socialite is playing host for a designer or a brand. The idea is to attract the socialite’s guest-list who otherwise wouldn’t have turned up for the soiree if the designer sent out the invite. But these socialites do it for a price, which is mind you, not cheap. If it’s an ‘A’ Grade socialite, the price runs in to lacs. For a ‘B’ Grade socialite like Tanisha, I guess it’s around half a lakh, if not more. I call it ‘Rent-A-Host’ business.

But I am wondering whether Tashu really needs to be a ‘Hostess-for-Hire’???

I heard that her hubby, Robby Mohan fell out with his close associate and friend, Vicky Puri over some investment gone bad. But still he wouldn’t need his Trophy Wife – Tanisha to be a ‘Hostess-for-Hire’…

4 Replies to “Tanisha, the ‘Hostess-for-Hire’!”

  1. Delhi Bee says:

    Dear Tanisha ,

    I know work is work but not with Rock S(TUPID) . He is a 3rd class man with 4th class designs. I hope you will understand your value which you have created in all these years and not to take up any such assignments in future. You must know that he approached 2 well known P.R companies and they refused to work for him . You can not be a left out option ? Are you ? I hope not . I know your usual excuse that ‘ oh I have to do this for a friend’. Rock S is not a friend , he is a shoe maker by looks and actions.
    Mind It.

    Your Sincerely


  2. Anthead says:

    How did you know what champagne she’d be serving? Does it say so on the invite? If so – tres tacky!!

  3. Im thankful for the blog.Much thanks again. Will read on…

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