ZOHAL HAMID Digs Gold Rather Than Design Gold Jewelery

Zohal Hamid accusing Royal Challengers Bangalore player Luke Pomersbach for molesting her and beating up her fiancee, Sahil Peerzada and Siddharth Mallya for defamation and then back-tracking on all the cases post Sahil’s release from the hospital is awfully irresponsible act and shouldn’t be pardoned. The reason behind the backtracking is the hidden skeletons in Sahil and Zohal’s closet and the blatant lies that Zohal blurted out in front of media to gain sympathy.

Zohal is from Afghanistan and first moved to India before migrating to US. She is not a jewellery designer. If she is anything, it can be best described as a gold-digger party girl harbouring lofty ambitions of making it in BollywoodThe claim that Sahil Peerzada is Zohal’s fiancee and that they have been dating for around 4-5 years is all but lies. Zohal was seeing a Delhi based guy – Basant Chawla who owns the Fun ‘N’ Food Village till beginning of 2011 and Sahil Peerzada was seeing Gauhar Khan and also made an appearance on the reality show – ‘The Khan Sisters’ six months back as Gauhar’s ex. Hence the story of Zohal and Sahid being dating since past 4-5 years is bull-crap. There are reports of Zohal Hamid divorcing her American husband who paid US Dollars 200,000 as settlement.

Why were Sahil Peerzada and Zohal were staying in a room booked under Deccan Challengers? Well the answer is that he is the front-man of some investment made by a big-shot in Deccan Chargers Team. The story that Luke Pomersbach followed Zohal and Sahil to their room for a drink isn’t the fact. In fact they went there to ‘Powder his Noses’! What followed was euphoric and aggressive moments and fist-fight.

Sahil (whose real name is Sajjid) Peerzada who likes to hang around with his Bollywood friends was totally against any case against RCB Player as he did not want to get on the wrong-side of the Mallyas who have considerable clout in B-Town. Also he knew that if the case of molestation and fight and defamation are pursued lot of skeletons will roll out from his closet. And he cared a damn if Zohal’s character was assasinated or defamed. They have no right to waste the precious time the Police and The Courts.

The pictures here tell you the story of Zohal and Sahil and their wannabe ways with B-Town crowd. This pictures have never been published before and are exclusive of


8 Replies to “ZOHAL HAMID Digs Gold Rather Than Design Gold Jewelery”

  1. Sujeet Kumar says:

    Good, enjoyable

  2. Sahil's friend's says:

    Fuck you asshole how dare you write such derogatory stuff about my friend Saahil. If you don’t take these pictures down and delete this defamatory article I will sue you for defamation in india and Dubai. Trust me you wouldn’t like to goto a Emirati prison.

  3. Hola says:

    Gauhar Khan actually cried for this man in her show why?

  4. thisnthat says:

    where did the pic of sahil ass go???!!!

  5. jack says:

    It is very much there!

  6. Sam says:

    She looks like an escort / con-woman types.

  7. Truther says:

    Typical afghan women. I’ve had many of them. They are ugly dumb uneducated undercover whores! Most of them not all.

  8. Malia says:

    I know this girl from NewYork yes she was married and had a daughter I m so shocked to find out about all this

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