Appearance matters! For people in showbiz it does matter a lot more and hence how you turn-out is important. Just spotted this image of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with her mother at a special movie screening. Ash looks nice in a white  thigh-high-slit Kaaftan dress.

Also spotted some images of Sonakshi Sinha and Shraddha Kapoor flashing ‘camel toe’. There is nothing voyeuristic, kinky or weirldy sexy about camel toes . It’s an eyesore rather. It just shows that the lady isn’t wearing proper fitting clothing or apt underwear beneath. Fashion faux-pas needs to be pointed out…

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  1. Tina says:

    Jack, suggest fixes for camel toe..
    Nowadays almost all gym wear aid in flashing camel toe. It’s particularly hard to get a good fit without the forementioned problem especially for ladies. All those comfort fit are gone from the market.

  2. Nina says:

    Jack, there are no gym wear in the market which don’t aid in camel toe. The sports brands should redesign their gym wear to avoid this. It was really hard for me to get gym pants which were comfortable and didn’t give me ‘camel toe’.

  3. Tina says:

    Comments are not getting posted. Jack, please check

  4. Etios says:

    Hey Jack, your favourite Kanika kapoor has been hooking up with SRK after his Priyanka break up and now blinds have hit even sites like Pinkvilla, once again you were the pioneer and earliest in exposing this years ago. Just bump that earlier article again on front page and bask in the “I told you so” Glory 🙂

  5. Etios says:

    Hey Jack, your favourite Kanika Kapoor has been hooking up with SRK after his break up with Priyanka and now the news has hit on the front page of Pinkvilla via Blind article with hundreds of comments and millions of views. You were the pioneer and first to expose this years ago.

    Time to bump up that earlier article to front page and bask in that sweet sweet “I told you so” Glory 🙂

  6. Who? says:

    This might be outside your Delhi circles, but what’s the story behind Hyderabad socialite, fabulously rich and politically well connected Srikala Reddy marrying Dhananjay Singh who’s rap sheet includes the murder of an ex-wife and two housemaids, and other horrifying crimes?

    The former has three kids (2 in their 20s) from her previous marriage and Singh was married twice before. It just doesn’t add up. I think she is older than him too.

    When she bought the pub Touch from actor Nagarjuna, it was “one of the nine pubs under police scanner for “spiking drinks with drugs for repeat customers”, according to police commissioner AK Khan.”

    Now she marries a literal goonda from UP/Bihar? It’s crazy!

  7. Shweta Bachchan says:

    Can you write about shweta and aish’s fight? what happened?

  8. What happened between Shweta and Aish? Why are they ignoring each other? What is Shweta’s reputation in delhi?Why is she trying to break up aishwarya and abhi.

  9. Rocksone says:

    What about lake como?

  10. Negar says:

    I think Srikala would be disappointed again. I mean there are hundreds of articles if this dhanunjay guys goonda acts. Wonder what made an educated and cultured girl fall for a street side goonda.

  11. S Jayadeep says:

    hey Jack, whats the scoop behind big B being called out by sapna bhavnani for the #metoo movement…

  12. Jaweed says:

    I need a address of srikala Reddy madam in Hyderabad if any have kindly help me it’s urgent

  13. Manav says:


    FYI Srikala Reddy is not very well educated. But she’s very very ambitious. Tried to get both Congress and BJP to support her political career but neither gave her a ticket…her reputation preceded her. Also had a well known affair with the very married actor Jagapathi Babu. Maybe she has the same lack of morals that Dhananjay has.

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