Baidyanath’s Lavish London Bash

Aceel Al-Anizi, Vicram Sharma, Priyanka Sethi

Antonio Moya, Andrius Rudys, Vicram Sharma, Rohtash Chawla

Ilia Poliakov, Sangeeta M Assomull, Vicram Sharma

Noor Shah Mubarak, Rolly Gupta

Vicram Sharma, Kevin Sawyer

Vicram Sharma, Natalia McKie

Vicram Sharma, popularly known as Vikram Baidyanath celebrates his birthday in London every year. Well if you have the moolah why not live-it-up and what’s better than London in summer for the ‘happening Delhi-ites’!

The birthday boy – Vicram Sharma celebrated his big-day at the posh W Hotel in London where champagne flowed. In attendance were local London party-goers and Delhi dudes and dolls. Seen at the bash were socialites Sanam Bakshi, Priyanka Sethi, Rolly Gupta, Rajeeta Gupta (House of RARO), businesswoman Sangeeta M Assomull, Shibani Thukral, entrepreneurs Natalia McKie and Ilia Poliakov, eminent UK politician Merlene Toh Emerson (Liberal Democrats Party) and the likes.

Cheers to Delhi lad’s London bash!

2 Replies to “Baidyanath’s Lavish London Bash”

  1. loveleen says:

    It seems London is a destination for the elite (illegal) stuff…who knows what happens in the garb of parties…on a different note there is all hullaboo about the age difference between Priyanka and Nick ….our very own Rangeela girl Urmila married a much younger guy ( still married I am surprised) and managed to keep a low profile….anyone any scoop on Urmila’s marriage?

  2. Yo boy says:

    Meenakshi dutt kissing and slutty dance videos are leaked… kindly review…

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