A – Z of Narendra Modi


This is based on personal observation of our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi of a non-partisan Indian. You may agree to disgaree!

A: Addicted to Acronyms; Autocratic and Authoritative

B: Bol Bachchan; Bossy

C: Communicator par excellence; Cryptic; Control-freak; Chai-wala

D: Dominating; Daring; Dapper

E: Energetic; Egoistic; Effecient

F: Forceful; Favouritism; Finical

G: God-Fearing

H: Hands-On; Haranguer; Head-in-the-Clouds; Head-Honcho

I: Image_Conscious, Icon of Hindutva; Impatient: Idolised

J: Jumla-King: Janus-Faced; Judgmental; Jhappi Diplomacy

K: Kaleidoscopical; 

L: Leads-from-the-Front; Laborious; Larger than Life

M: Modi-Modi-Modi Megalomania

N: Never-say-Die, Narcissistic Personality; 

O: Overlord; Omnipotent; Omnipresent; Orator

P: Prime Minister; Pracharak; Persistent

Q: Quest

R: Rajneeti; Ranneeti; Rajyog

S: Strategeist; Shrewd; Showman

T: Totalitarian; Task-Master; Thinker

U: Ultimateness; Unforgiving; Unpardoning; Utilitarian

V: Valiant; Vindictive; Vigorous

W: Worldly-Wise; Win  at all Cost

X: X-treme

Y: Yearner; Yoga

Z: Zeal; Zest

4 Replies to “A – Z of Narendra Modi”

  1. Deepak says:

    Hey there Jack.. agree with almost all the points but not the ‘C-Communicator’….From what I have seen, he never communicates… always beats around the bush…. never talks about relevant points.. never speaks the TRUTH…. shamelessly peddles his mother during election times but never bothers about his better-half. Communicators are people like Shashi Tharoor, Sushma Swaraj who talk relevant and that too effectively. Even Raj Thackeray for that matter… I never agree with him on most points, but the way he speaks is impressive….Modi can never go beyond Hindu, Muslim, Mitrooooonnn, pichle 70 saal, Congress ne kya kiya etc…If there is one word to describe him, I would use ‘DISHONEST’. nothing else fits him

  2. jack says:

    @Deepak I agree with you. His ‘no-confidence’ speech was boring…same shit…weird excuses
    I think ‘Bol Bachchan’ tab suits him better. He is so ‘caustic’ and vengeful…

  3. Lily says:

    Jack, do you know who owns the instagram account diet_sabya?

  4. Dee says:

    Hi Jack, have you stopped writing your blog. I’ve been a silent admirer for years and make sure to check your blog once a week but lately you’ve gone very quiet. Hope you’re ok.

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