20075546.cmsWhat is happening in ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan’? Nothing is positive but everything is chaotic. Government needs to rethink their policies. I am an ordinary man with modest expectations but the government that promised me the sky has only made things worse for Aam Aadmi like me.

You switch on the TV and those noisy debates are cacophonous and depressing. Before every parliament session, the government indulges in things that irks the opposition and leads to stalemate. If the government really wants the opposition, particularly in the upper house to co-operate, shouldn’t they strategically avoid issues that irks them? If you look back, you will see that the people in the government has raked up issues to humiliate or corner the opposition just a week before the start of the session. I think it is done deliberately. Wonder why? Probably to blame all the travails plaguing the nation on the opposition.

Narendra-ModiAugusta Westland fracas is yet another Bofors episode. Based on a hand-written note scribbled by somebody indicted by the Italian court has suddenly become the holy grail for BJP that hated everything Italian. Rafael fighter planes were signed on by NaMo, bypassing all defence procurement procedures. Now MoD wants to scan that deal also. Our air-force will have to deal with dilapidated fleet. For supposedly 30Million Euros of kickback, the nation has been held at ransom and nothing productive is being done by the government, but witch-hunt.

Sanjit Bakshi_40th_Splurge in MoscowA vibrant economy needs spending by the private sector, public sector and Aam Aadmi. Private sector is cribbing that there is no demand for their products. Aam Aadmi is crying that he doesn’t have enough disposable income to spend. The elite class that has all the money to splurge is now opting to spend it out of the country. The luxury business is in doldrums. At Emporio, stores have no sales because now purchases above Rs. 50,000 cannot be made in cash and you have to give your PAN number. We all know that those expensive handbags and shoes at Emporio were bought in cash. The buyers are now buying luxury goods abroad or have found a way to pay through maze of off-shore accounts or hawala for watches and exotic skin handbags bought in India. So who is affected? Normal working class like store managers whose salaries have major variable component as percentage of sales, PR firms and event planners.

Arvind_Shagun_Priya_Sunjay@Moscow copy 2Bakshi_Priya_Shagun_Bolshoi copyIndustrialists and super-rich stopped celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and weddings in India. Millions of Euros and Dollars are spent abroad on extravagant dos where government is not there to poke their nose. Who suffers? Indian hospitality industry and allied businesses that employ thousands. Sanjit Bakshi celebrated his 40th birthday in Moscow, at the Ritz-Carlton. Niamat and Sanjit played the perfects hosts for the soiree where the guests were pampered to the hilt for three days. The who’s who had a gala time over caviar and champagne. The notable ones were Sunjay Kapur and Priya Sachdev, Shagun and Arvind Khanna, Mehr Rampal, Ratul Puri, Koel Poorie and many more.

Om_Splurge_Singapore2Gutka king, Om Gupta who is the undisputed buyer of luxury goods celebrated his birthday in Singapore by splurging on shopping at Chanel, Gucci, LV, Bvlgari for bags, shoes and much more for self and girlfriend, Prerna. In India PAN number and paying through card is definitely prohibitive for these wealthy people.


  1. Etios says:

    Augusta Westland and National Herald scams are the ones which will help in finally getting the Fake Gandhis to jail, so no it is not a trivial issue as we are finally getting the chance to nail the mofos who have for all practical purpose owned this country for around 60 years.

    And requiring PAN card for expensive purchases is the best decision ever when only 4% of the country pays income tax. Those indulging in money laundering should enjoy it while they can before getting in trouble like Subroto Roy Sahara and Vijay Mallya.

  2. Rajaraviverma says:

    Isn’t it ironic? On one hand we want bring black money under control? On e other hand without black money, business is dull.. Devil & the deep sea 🙂

  3. Sona says:

    And do add in your list the €10M Vienna wedding of the Jindal’s happening as we speak…

  4. Jay says:

    Shame on them. U would think they would try and work towards improving the economy through legitimate means – but no. They would rather squeeze India dry and save every penny instead of paying taxes. Strip the country barren and then move on to the next patch.

  5. shanaya says:

    I feel this Prerna girl must be very miserable from inside. Only people who are missing something in their lives try and fill it like this. Her boyfriend is a fool with too much money.

  6. jack says:

    @Etios Guilty should go to jail but someone has to prove who are guilty?
    Tax is fine but government fails in enforcing and implementing them. We all know that high value luxury items are bought by extremely rich people in cash. They don’t want to spend their ‘White’ money on them. Eventuually what is happening is the labels have found ways where these rich guys buy the goods in India and payment is made abroad, which often is facilitated by the brands itself through their branches in Asia-Pacific region. So has the government managed to earn more tax revenue? NO! In fact if you check the tax revenues have gone down.
    You saw how liberal government was with excise duty on Bidis. Tobacco giants are minting money and spending it abroad.
    I don’t encourage black economy but people who have black money always find a way out.
    Everything is happening. The moolah kings are living life king-size and avoiding taxes. They are now filling the coffers of foreign nations.

  7. sang says:

    Jack these lines says it all. “people who have black money always find a way out.
    Everything is happening. The moolah kings are living life king-size and avoiding taxes.”

  8. monz says:

    No one is above the law. Period.

  9. SG says:

    I wish this guy who is called the biggest jerk on Instagram will take a look at Prerna’s account. His name is Param Sharma & calls everyone else on Instagram as peasants!!! lol.. Wonder what he will call Gemini Girl.

  10. Vrushi says:

    @sg that param sharma looks like a total fool. His parents are CEO’s of tata interactive system and axis bank

    Read this

  11. Nupur S says:

    @Vrushi your info maybe wrong. Shikha and Sanjaya Sharma’s son’s name is not Param

  12. Ish says:

    Just saw Mallika Sherwat’s pictures at Cannes Film Festival. How does she gets these invitations every year? Any idea who her sugar daddy is Jack?

  13. nefarious says:

    Is SRK’s marriage with Gauri over? I dont see them together anywhere anymore. No public appearances either. Yet no news of divorce either. Anyone know?

  14. SS says:

    Jack, news is ranbir kapoor is dating some Delhi chick called Bharti malhotra- you got goss on this?

  15. sri says:

    Jack you are damn good on fashion and its related and associated domain areas. But please leave the economics and public policy part part to domain experts..lets not make it george bernard shaw’s looks and the girl’s brain

  16. jack says:

    @Sri…thank you for your feedback.
    will keep it in mind!

  17. Vrushi says:

    @ss i dont think so. Her latest instagram says it all

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