Is Lagerfeld More of a ‘Gimmick Guru’ Or a ‘Fashion Czar’?

RTEmagicC_convite_chanel_01CHANEL’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld has become a wizard of hype than the fashion czar that he was known as. For the past several seasons, Lagerfeld organized extravagant Chanel Resort shows in various locations around the world, including SingaporeDubai, and Seoul. Each show portrays distinct themes that translated to both the venue and the clothes. As a result, the Chanel Resort Collection 2017 that he will showcase in Cuba today (3rd May 2016) will likely bring about bright colors and vivid patterns from the fashion house. Although Cuba, especially the capital of Havana, has inspired style trends from various designers in the past, Lagerfeld will be the very first to host a runway show in the Caribbean island nation. The hype is enormous and plane load of fashion editors have already landed and going ga-ga about the show that starts in few hours.

Karl in HavanaTony Castro_ModelIf you are not already feeling weird about the fact that the restrictive dictatorship continues in Cuba, as do human rights violations and widespread poverty, you definitely would after knowing that Tony Castro, grandson of Fidel Castro, will be walking for Chanel. The Latin media is buzzing with this breaking news.

Anti-Chanel_Tweet1Anti-Chanel_Tweet2Gloria Estefan is very happy for Chanel showing in Cuba but Miami Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen hates the idea and venting her displeasure on Twitter. Her account, @RosLehtinen, has spent the past couple of weeks periodically posting about French fashion house Chanel, Ros-Lehtinen’s particular target: designer Karl Lagerfeld, the German haute couture powerhouse heading Chanel’s line, “inspired” by Cuba. The congresswoman used the opportunity to highlight repression against Cuba’s Ladies in White dissidents.


5 Replies to “Is Lagerfeld More of a ‘Gimmick Guru’ Or a ‘Fashion Czar’?”

  1. Jenny says:

    Can you tell me what or who is the designer of Kangana Ranautms dress at the recent National Awards? Is she wearing a Bibhu Mohapatra again?

  2. shanaya says:

    Jack whats happening with shweta bachchan’s marriage? She was with her husband at the award function but then flew to bombay with her father the same day. Why doesn’t husband leave her or is he still struck by the bachchan star? Please give us more info.

  3. Real says:

    Cuba’s restrictive, undemocratic, and has human rights issues? Dubai’s so much worse, and Singapore ranks 155 out of 175 for press freedom. And if poverty is a crime, than India should never have a fashion week.

  4. nefarious says:

    Really, what is up wit Shweta Bacchan and her hubby? How is he tagging along with her, when delhi and mumbai circuits are abuzz with her affair with HR?

    is HR serious about her?

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