Shocked To Read About Tiger Shroff’s Archaic & Sexist Views

25tiger-shroff1Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor are on the promotional tour for their forthcoming film – Baaghi.

tiger_ayesha_jackie_krishnaIn an interview to, Tiger Shroff uttered some shocking things when the interviewer asked him, What qualities do you want in your partner?” Tiger promptly replied, “I will get married to a girl from the village. When I reach home, I want a massage so that I can get relaxed. She should stay at home, keep the house clean and give me home-cooked food. I like girls who are the housewife-type.”

krishna_shroff-2The upcoming movie star – Tiger Shroff ideally wants a masseur, a cook and a maid, all bundled together in a wife. He typecasts her as a ‘Housewife-type’ girl. I am shocked at Tiger’s views. He is born in a family where his mother, Ayesha Shroff and sister, Krishna are both strong-headed and independent minded women. Do I get to conclude that these strong and independent women in his family make him opt for a girl who is poles apart from his mother and sister?

Wonder how a young man of the 21st century has such medieval, archaic and sexist views about his ideal woman. I am surprised women haven’t commented on Tiger Shroff’s ‘housewife-type’ classification for a life partner. Feel sad that even today men look for women who can cook, do chores and provide sex on demand in their ideal wives. Shame!

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  1. anonymous1 says:

    So what about the news of having a model girlfriend Disha patani?

  2. nefarious says:

    I dont want to judge him for this. Lets not forget he comes from a broken family, what with his mother having an affair with sahil. Maybe that damaged him somewhere and he would rather have a domesticated wife, than a ‘modern’ one.Of ocurse, the statements are radical, but we havent been through what he has.

  3. Vincent says:

    Archaic?? He just needs a wife not a slut. He has seen enough of them around in his industry.

  4. Vrushi says:

    Add a dowry there and voila….all Indians sadly still want this type! But i think he was being sarcastic about the answer… Didn’t his sister went topless for her instagram post?!

  5. Etios says:

    He may have exaggerated things for making it a funny interview and Nothing wrong in wishing for a housewife, just the same way there is nothing wrong against female models or heroines looking to marry a richer, older multi-millionaire or Billionaire who can satisfy their material demands.

  6. Didi says:

    I think he is doing it for the publicity of his film, let’s not fall in his petty plan.

  7. Nupur S says:

    Whats wrong in dreaming? For a wife who will care for him and cook fresh meals with tender love and care. Do we make a noise when a woman states that she’d like a man who can pamper her with all the goodies in the world?

  8. S says:

    on another topic, what’s those wtf statements made by the dude adhyaman Suman????? He sounds like he’s bat shit crazy. Are there any truth to those.

  9. Priyanka says:

    Jack, please please tell us the truth of whole Hrithik – Kangana saga. Your are the only one whom we can believe !!

  10. jack says:

    My sources, in fact his first boyfriend in Bollywood always said – ‘Sanki Hai’. Insiders always said that she is megalomaniac, unpredictable, volatile, loner…
    So must say that she’s a difficult lady to handle

  11. GG says:

    “My sources, in fact his first boyfriend in Bollywood always said – ‘Sanki Hai’. Insiders always said that she is megalomaniac, unpredictable, volatile, loner…
    So must say that she’s a difficult lady to handle”

    — some of the male superstars have the same characteristics (Salman Khan being the perfect example) and yet there has never been witch hunt like the one for Kangana. I am not saying she is right or wrong just that she is victimized for being an actress and all she did was indirectly call him a “silly ex”. The same industry kept quite when Salman harrased Aishwarya for months and she had to put an end to it and even then she was ostracized. Bollywood is full of double standards.

  12. Etios says:

    @S: The only one who is bat shit crazy here is Kangana.

  13. nefarious says:

    Jack: But i doubt she would accuse HR of an affair, if it dint happen! Sanki doesnt mean liar!

  14. Vml says:

    Thanks, Jack. But does that mean that HR and Kangana didn’t have a fling? She probably took it seriously and he didn’t see it as anything more than a fling. Also, aren’t many people in the film industry megalomaniac assholes? Ain’t this sheer bullying to shut her down? Seems like the Vivek Oberoi case where the industry men gang up to shut someone up. Only this time it’s an outsider woman. She could be all of what you said but this ganging up and bullying her into silence through character assassination is vile.

  15. ramzil says:

    Does that mean they had an affair or it was just her imagination?

  16. Priyanka says:

    Seems like whole industry is a kind of mess. Kangana is really a talented actress. She needs to change her wired ways. And what about Hrithik ? Heard all the news is his PR game plan . And Shweta Bachchan wants him to come out of whole mess asap.

  17. Etios says:

    @VML @ramzil: Kangana is crazy, this is all the figment of her imagination, this is why she is not co-operating with police as she knows she will lose the case. Just read the crazy emails she sent.

    The only Bully here is Kangana and the only person whose character was assassinated is Hrithik which was supported by many so called delusional self- proclaimed feminists. Anyway, the law will take it course within few months as it is a open and shut case with evidence clearly available by email provider companies and phone companies.

  18. Nefarious says:

    @Etios, how are you so sure about this? If shes made it to the top on her own terms, she isnt so delusional after all. Shes an outsider, and doesnt have much clout, hence the witch hunt, but i can bet all my money Hrithik had a thing with her.

  19. mastimazak86 says:

    Kangana was hinting at affair with Hrithik several times to gain publicity. Even now she is using her being a woman from small town to her advantage,to get feminists on her side,to fight against Hrithik. Kangana should stop using other women and stop seeking sympathy.

    Hrithik could have handled this thing better than seeking police help. He should have just ignored her ‘silly ex’ comment and must have just issued a statement saying that nothing like that(affair) existed. Leave the rest for his fans and others to believe. This whole episode is affecting his image whatever may be the truth.

  20. Aqua says:

    People supporting Hrithik should know that he is no saint, why is it that he and his affairs go hand in hand- Barbara mori, Kareena kapoor, Priyanka, Shwetha, Kangana to name a few, despite being married to his childhood love Suzzane. He is spineless and I’m happy that an outsider like Kangana had the courage to show this bully his place, more power to Kangana.

  21. Vml says:

    Jack, what is the real story? Did HR and KR have an affair or did she communicate with an imposter all the while and has no evidence to prove otherwise? Why did HR take offense to her ‘silly-ex’ comment? Was it just his inflated ego taking a hit? Does the Suman Jr. abuse story have any credence? It’s a huge disservice to the feminist cause if KR is using the gender argument to deflect attention from the accusations made at her as has been argued by some after her interviews to India Today and NDTV.

  22. Etios says:

    LOL at the Feminazis hailing Kangana as a proud, bold Feminist( is there even a difference between feminazis and feminsts nowadays?) when Kanagana calls other women as ” Public Property” to be used. This email/statement from Kangana is the most revealing about her thinking and character:

    “Yeh ladkiyan public property hai. Yeh tujhe kya, mujhe bhi de dengi. Zyada excited mat ho. Yakeen nahin hai to shart laga le.””

  23. seema says:

    Hey Jack .. how old is Bipasha. I heard 37 is not true

  24. SG says:

    @ seema. She is born in 1976 & is 40 years

  25. MM says:

    And what age is Katrina? She claims she’s 32.

  26. Silly Rabbit says:

    Jack already addressed the kangana hrithik affair in a previous post

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