“Duke & Duchess Posed with ‘Art Theft Faker'”, said Daily Mail, UK

Duke_Duchess_Sheetal_Art TheifThe Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton’s India visit was extensively covered by the media in United Kingdom. But the English media reported facts and called ‘spade a spade’ unlike our Desi tabloid media. Of course their are exceptions in India like fashionscandal.com that published the presence of the socialite scamster – Sheetal Mafatlal at the Bollywood Gala hosted in the honor of the Duke and the Duchess. 

Fashionscandal wrote on April 11, 2016, (Here is the link – http://wp.me/p1C8a1-GIg)

“Later the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge attended a Bollywood fundraising gala. She looked electric in a blue Jenny Packham (Kate’s favorite designer) sari-gown. Everybody and anybody from Bollywood were there...If Sophie Choudhary and tax evader, Sheetal (Mafatlal) can be there, anybody can be there. The couple met SRK in sad looking tuxedo, Aishwarya Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit Nene, Sonam Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor and the whole zing-bang. “

Daily Mail_UKThe 18th April edition of the Daily Mail, UK carried this headline: “Duke and Duchess posed for photo with socialite ‘who tried to frame three friends in multi-million art theft'”. Sebastian Shakespeare of Daily Mail, UK also wrote, “At a ball in Mumbai they posed for this snap with midriff-baring socialite Sheetal Mafatlal, who faced prosecution last year for allegedly trying to frame three friends for the theft of 31 artworks from her worth tens of millions of poundsSheetal’s claims were exposed as false when police recovered all 31 paintings from an office she had rented in Mumbai.”

Indian media is overwhelmed by these overtly botoxed socialites and shy away from writing about their nefarious deeds. We at FS are the rare few!

13 Replies to ““Duke & Duchess Posed with ‘Art Theft Faker'”, said Daily Mail, UK”

  1. pinky says:

    Three things cant be long hidden: The Sun, the moon and the truth!
    I guess the guest list wasn’t scrutinized for crooks!

  2. India watcher says:

    Hats off on calling a spade a spade jack. Truly.

  3. Logica says:

    Hats off Jack. You are the few indie chroniclers bringing us one step closer to the working standards of the western media.

  4. Namdeo says:

    Jack I have heard Alia is just sid’s beard .us that true ?

  5. Vrushi says:

    @namdeo yes

  6. beckett99 says:

    What exactly do you mean by that? Alia is sid’s beard? ?

  7. nefarious says:

    Sid is Kjo’s toy boy., and she is just supposed to keep his image as a macho , straight A-list actor. Although i have been wondering for a while, who she is actually hooking up with

  8. Vishnu says:

    Totally agree with @nefarious.. KJo thinks he’s clever..

  9. Can someone please explain me why is Sophie Chowdhary at all the parties and events? With all the designer clothes bags sunglasses on instagram… what is her source of income???

  10. nefarious says:

    @ramzil: no idea, maybe she has a new sugar daddy, maybe one of the ambani’s , or may be her good friend manish gets her clients.

  11. Nupur S says:

    @Nefarious– what does that mean? Manish gets her clients?

  12. Colossial says:

    @neferous Is Manish Malhotra is doing escorting business nowadays.

  13. Etios says:

    @Nupur, @neferous: Don’t believe everything you read, even that was written by as nefarious as ” Maybe”. Malhotra is worth hundreds of crores. Sophie always has one sugar daddy to fufill her material needs. Once there was some slimy middle east sheikh too, so there is good chance she has gone back to an outside client as nobody is able to spot an Indian one.

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