Hidden Facts of the “Mercedes Hit-‘n’-Run Case”

JusticeForSiddUrban India is plagued by ‘CLASSISM’ and classists are as evil as racists. The evil of ‘classism’ corrupts the society and doesn’t allow it to be a homogenous one. The classists are in dominant numbers in so-called ‘posh colonies’ of Delhi where one expect people to be broad-minded, educated and liberal but in fact you find residents who are affluent and conscious about class difference. They think they are from privileged class and are superior to those who aren’t from privileged class. The infamous Mercedes Hit-and-Run case that happened in Civil Lines, a posh colony is an epitome of despicable behavior of classist demons.

Project Nirbhay_2The Residents Association of Civil Lines is called – THE CLUB CLASS. The very name stinks of classism. THE CLUB CLASS of Civil Lines in August 2014 In a first of its kind initiative, financially supported the installation of 67 close-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in collaboration with the Delhi Police, under the neighbourhood watch scheme. BS Bassi, the then Commissioner of Police, Delhi, inaugurated the project. The cameras, spread in 16 clusters and covering over 2,000 households, are connected via internet to a monitoring station set up at the Civil Lines police station.

Now see the paradox – the concerned citizens of Civil Lines did not submit the CCTV footage voluntarily. The Civil Line Police Station monitors the CCTV footage but did not come forward with any video until 48-hours later Hemraj Sharma, the father of Sidharth Sharma himself toiled, begged and pleaded with the posh Civil Line residents and manage to get the 38 second video that shows the speeding Mercedes hitting Sidharth and ending his life in a gruesome manner. Here is the link to that video: https://youtu.be/2Qq4-aX0-Wc

Accused Manoj Agarwal

Manoj Agarwal, the irresponsible father of the accused driver of the Mercedes is out on bail and his juvenile (17-years and 360-days old on the date of the accident – 4th April 2016) bigda-aulad (brat) is in remand home. As per a resident of Civil Lines, THE CLUB CLASS (RWA) has extended their full support behind Manoj Agarwal and had played important role in securing bail for Manoj Agarwal and relief for his brat of a son. Prominent functionaries of THE CLUB CLASS, like Anant Bindal of Soghi Communications Limited, Nitin Goel of Gopsons Printers Pvt. Ltd. and Rohit Aggarwal of Contrywide Distributors Pvt. Ltd are using their money power and political & police clout to ensure that their fellow Civil Lines resident, Manoj Agarwal and his son go scot free. In fact they were heard bragging about Salman Khan’s case that how when a top-notch lawyer appears on your behalf, impossible becomes possible.

The whole thing stinks of classism. Is there any morality, ethics or compassion in these Club Class demons???

9 Replies to “Hidden Facts of the “Mercedes Hit-‘n’-Run Case””

  1. Candy Kane says:

    when you have Guptas, Agarwals and Goels in the club class what do you expect!! Baniyas of high order.

  2. Etios says:

    LOL talk about classism, racism on this post and the first comment we get is a bonafide classist, castesist and racist comment. Anyway, Nobody will send their son to police station after an accident, does not matter which class, caste or race the parents are, that is truth of the nature and society. Just Hope the victims parents also have enough money to get good lawyers or else personal revenge/ vigilante justice is always available as option after few years.

  3. Real says:

    Of the four castes in India, 3 have intermingled, and are increasingly doing the jobs traditionally allocated to the others. Dalits are ruling, Kshatriyas are teaching/conducting research, and Brahmins are going into arts and crsftsmanship. The business class banias though are both the last bastion of traditional casteism and the new club of modern classism. They might get an MBA/MS/IT degree but only to the extent it will help with money making. Chartered Accountancy is an all time favorite career. Hardly do any go into research, or into creative field (movie producers don’t count) or in the army. You may not like me saying this but every time there’s a hit and run case, that is not prosecuted, 9/10 times its someone from the business class community.
    Patels will go on and on about being enterprising, but push comes to shove, they want reservation. Without it they can crack neither IIT nor IAS.
    We fought against one caste based feudal system, and now we have another.


    The 3 morons who commented here should look introspect before commenting- racist/classist/pseudo-intellectuals of the highest order. Hope justice is served soon. RIP Sid

  5. Shivani says:

    I have heard that the boy is a student of modern school bk

  6. Shivani says:

    Family apparently runs a wedding card shop in old Delhi

  7. Real says:

    SOURABH BANSAL Pray, why are we racist/classist/pseudo-intellectuals? If Brahmins and Kshatriyas can be called out for trying to retain education and political power to themselves, than the business class can also be called out for using nepotism/intermarriage to retain business capital to themselves. If there is no equitable access to education, political power, and economic capital, how will we progress? As recently as 2011, Ambanis had a community feast in their village where only Baniyas and Brahmins were invited!! Imagine, a business caste family with the most influence on our economy still has this prejudice. This isn’t personal, it genuinely something I hate in India, how caste is the basis of so much discrimination.

  8. Today court is going to hear a bail re-appeal of the accused in Sidd hit & run case
    #FatherVsFather #JusticeForSidd Check out the Video

  9. Piya says:

    His name is mrigank aggarwal

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