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imagesIndia definitely needs a pre-nuptial law. Sunjay Kapur who separated from Karishma Kapoor few years back is now accusing her that she married him for money. The time when Sunjay and Lolo got married, he hardly had money. It’s only now since his father passed away, Sunjay inherited everything and maybe having a lot of money. But then the media-shy Sunjay Kapur suddenly went to town via press and said that Lolo married him for his money.

hqdefault-1When Hrithik and Susaane separated, everybody went crazy that Susanne settled for Rupees 400 Crores as full and final settlement. Sounds like a crazy figure to me.

Post separation the once lovey-dovey couples get into nasty court cases and mostly it comes down to money. Now this rich guy, the owner of India’s first home-grown luxury house known for exorbitantly priced silverware claims he has no money to pay for his grand-daughter’s education.

logoCan you believe that this man who owns Ravissant has a monthly disposable income of only Rupees 9 Lacs out of which Rupees 5Lacs go out every month on EMIs and hence cannot afford to pay for his grand-daughter’s education. Who the hell would believe that??? In fact when the son and daughter-in law divorced in 2006, a paltry amount of Rs. 50,000 as settled by the court towards child maintenance had never been paid. And the filthy rich family can only afford a LIG flat in the outskirts of Delhi in Sona for their beloved grand-daughter when they own around thirty plus luxurious apartments and bungalows all over India. These are some pathetically disgusting affair that goes on in the courts.

No doubt I am not shocked with the UN report that 62 richest people of the world owns wealth equivalent to half of the world population’s combined wealth. The richer one is, the stingier they seem to be.

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  1. etios says:

    The NCW itself won’t bat for introducing pre-nuptial law as most of the Rich, middle class and other men with salaried income can go for it and avoid alimony and monthly payments. Many women earn more than their husbands in cities, will this law proposed by you gender-neutral??

    These kind of extreme examples are rare and only committed by only some businessmen/politicians as they can hide their real income. Hrithik Roshan has paid hundreds of crores and even some businessmen divorce settlements have resulted in tens of crores.So, NCW will not try to jeopardize the majority, one-sided, gender biased, benefit women get in divorce courts by batting for a pre-nuptial law.

    Fun fact: Goa already has the provision for pre-nuptial agreement , so you all rich big wigs reading this, get married in Goa.

  2. monaliza says:

    Hey jack, heared a lot about Hrithik and Kareena’s relationship and that he loved her but he was forced to marry Suzanne, heared also that Kareena was pregnant with his child and had to have an abortion. How true is this? Can you please confirm this? We bollywood gossip mongers trust you, see your Hrithik-Shweta post is a refrence now. We would love to see similar post and it would be great if you write something about HR- KKK. Thank you.

  3. Alcie says:

    What?! Who would know such an intimate detail like Kareena’s pregnancy with Hrithik?! I find that far fetched but Jack can truly spill the beans. Any truth to the recent break up of Kat and Ranbir? Thanks!

  4. Nupur S says:

    Spoke to a lawyer friend who stated pre-nuptial agreements hold no validity in Indian courts.

  5. jack says:

    Yup that’s true…

  6. monaliza says:

    Jack you mean the Hrithik-Kareena story?

  7. etios says:

    Kareena reportedly got pregnant while in School around 10th standard, so no relation to Hrithik. People have just joined this with another timeline of Hrithik-Kareena affair LOL. Most of these rumours circulating on internet are such modified and altered versions of reality.

  8. Cheetos says:

    I heard shes had two abortions. One while in school and another one that was supposedly hrithiks child

  9. Alcie says:

    at 10th grade? Gee! She was surely growing up fast. I think Kareena was lucky that she didn’t get married to Hrithik. He is such an asshole.

  10. Tina says:

    Jack we really want to know more details about hrithik – kareena , also spill some secret about deepika, coz she was in open relation with ranveer and then suddenly it seems too have taken step of commitment (with all the regard section in film fare awards). Also knowing deepika and her slam tour stories makes sure theres so much linked with this lady.

  11. pia says:

    yes @etios. That is true because I know someone who studied with her in the same school at the same time.

  12. gossip-queen says:

    Jack whats the deal on Ranveer S? Seems to have a squeaky clean image. I have heard from reliable sources though that him DP are in an open relationship. Is there any truth in that?

  13. gossipgirl says:

    What? Kareena got pregnant by Hrithik? How? When? Someone please enlighten me!

  14. Priyanka says:

    Kareena news about being pregnant in the 10th standard is true. I also heard it from one of my friends few years back, who was her junior at the same school. School was Welham’s Girls School.

  15. Lucy says:

    Kareena got pregnant in the school and then with Hrithik’s child during the shooting of Yaadein. He was so serious about her that he was ready to marry her but his parents didn’t approve; you know indian parents want a typical bahu and Suzanne was a perfect choice, so as a damage control, they got him married to Suzanne and forced Kareena to abort the baby. Sad but true.

  16. Alcie says:

    isn’t he the one who proposed to Suzanne before he became famous? So he wouldn’t have met Kareena till they did the movie together?
    Jack, can you confirm if Alia and Ranbir are back together? Some reports seem to indicate Ranbir’s closeness to Alia being the reason for split. Thanks 😛

  17. Lucy says:

    Dear Alice, it was all PR… anything to save that ‘family man’ image. Do you expect him to come and say that he was in love with Kareena despite being married to Suzanne? Of course no. Why Kareena was kicked out of KNPH back in 1998? Why he got married in such a hurry in the wake of Kareena’s rumours? No one knows about his life before fame so he can invent any story he want to fool people like childhood sweetheart and that filmy ‘pehle baar mile hain’. If he was truly in love with her why would he cheat on her with Kareena then Barbara then Katrina then Kangana and god knows how many affairs he had? If he loved her he wouldn’t let her go.

  18. Alcie says:

    Suzanne was in the dark until he got married to her. Like u said, his life before KNPH wasn’t known to anyone, as in the public lol! Anyways, you must have missed few names. I find it hard to believe that he has only gone through 4 heroines.

  19. Real says:

    Did the ‘mafia’ attack on Rakesh Roshan have anything to do with why Hrithik dumped Kareena and married Suzanne? They said it was for the rights to KNPH, but KNPH released on January 14, and RR was attacked on January 20, so 6 days was all it took to consider KNPH a hit, ask for rights, and plan the attack? By December 20th, Hrithik and Suzanne were married. (In the bombay blasts case, Sanjay Dutt, in his confession, said it was Feroz Khan who introduced Dawood Ibrahim to him).

  20. GG says:

    Hahahahaha nice salvo Alcie! Hypocrisy needs to be called out and no one does that better than Jack, wotsay?

  21. Lucy says:

    Real, spot on!!

  22. Lucy says:

    Jack what about HR-Shweta Nanda? Still going strong or broke up?

  23. CinephileH says:

    Jack, we are waiting for an article about HR and Kangy debacle. Please tell us more about it…

  24. HornOKPlease says:

    Nice post Jack! A minor correction, the Inequality report that your referred to is actually from Oxfam and not UN. Hard to believe, that about 50% of the world’s wealth is owned by people who can be fitted inside a one bus!

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