‘Full-On Gossip’ On Link-Ups Soured With Break-Ups

fardeen_rekhaFolks I simply fail to understand the whole business of ‘Blind Piece’. Famous film critic gave you dose after dose of ‘Blind Items’ and now dime-a-dozen websites are fooling you with ‘Blind Pieces’. What the hell!!! I think the logic behind teasing readers with ‘Blind Items’ of gossip is that they either do not have the guts to take names or they aren’t sure about the facts. Yet you readers flock o the ‘Blind Gossips’ like heroine addicts for just-one-more hit. What do you get? Nothing! All you do is get into guess work.

mahesh_rekha touranifardeen_natasha1Anyway fashionscandal does not do ‘Blind Pieces’. My strength is not in providing Bollywood goss but yes I got some. Fardeen Khan who moved to Dubai and now is more of a real-estate tycoon than a filmstar is having a torrid scene with a much married lady – Rekha Tourani. Rekha and her second husband, Mahesh Tourani are Dubai’s power-couple and famous party throwers. This February they celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary in style. Fardeen and Natasha are married for 10-years now. But guys it’s ‘Dil-Ka-Maamla’. Rekha’s story is literally rags-to riches. She used to work with designer Manish Malhotra but after marrying Mahesh Tourani she literally lives a queen’s life with a palace like house, orderlies available at the snap of the finger, closet full of insanely expensive designer clothes and Rolls Royce to move her slender ass. Fardeen inherited his father’s huge wealth in terms of property and today his net worth is much more than what it was in his Bollywood days. So action is all in Dubai guys.

hrithik-shwetaThe ‘Blind-Piece’ about a hunk of a Bollywood star who recently got back his single status is none other than Hrithik Roshan. The ‘Blind’ goss linked him up with a much married woman from a top B-wood family. The writer is scared to take Shweta Bachchan Nanda’s name? Hrithik and Shweta bonded well at Naina Bachchan and Kunal Kapoor’s wedding. The two really hit-it off. Yes Hrithik and Shweta were having a ball at the Tramps in London. Is their something on? Possible. Shweta’s marriage with Nikhil Nanda was never happening. It’s old news guys. But Shweta now looks hotter than ever and Hrithik is a stud. If something is on, it’s good. But why the hell people don’t take names and send readers in guessing game???

TithiAs I said earlier it is Dubai where the action is. Now since ‘Blind Items’ go viral let me try out a ‘One-Eyed Piece’. This is about Tithi Sood, the divorced wife of Eros Group’s (Real Estate Conglomerate) Avneesh Sood. This woman – Tithi has the knack for trapping Delhi’s wealthy industrialists. Post her divorce with Avneesh Sood, she had been linked with other money-bags. This time Tithi has got herself a much-married industrialist who shuttles between Dubai and Delhi.

58 Replies to “‘Full-On Gossip’ On Link-Ups Soured With Break-Ups”

  1. Tamtam says:

    Wow!!! Good job Jack!

  2. sang says:

    HR with Shweta. I dont think anyone guessed them.

  3. Vrushi says:

    Like father like daughter sweta!

  4. VML says:

    Thanks for all the goss, Jack. So Hrithik-Kangana never happened? Or he likes pedigree as mentioned in the recent blind? Also heard that SRK-PC is very much happening.

  5. Ravi says:

    Hi Jack. In the third link-up you fail to mention who the bear is?
    Is that a pun since the whole post was to show how a famous film critic (which you again fail to name) is scared to name the people?

  6. Tamtam says:

    @VML… really? i want to know more about SRK-PC plz….

  7. gossipgirl says:

    wooooooooow that’s great!!! thank you Jack you rock man 😉

  8. God_Shareef says:

    FarDeen is such a baasi kacchua (tiortoise with baggy neck).
    And Big Bibi is such a sookhi gilehri (squirrel chipMunk).
    Titthi deserves EXPIRY DATE (Tareekh in urdu).

    How boring post is this and so on comments…
    Phir wohi bakWaas shuru… SRK/PC… Arjun.MC…

    Pataa karo ke Mallika Sherawat ki potty kaun paise wala saaf karr raha hai ala Asin’s tight & Shilpa Kundra Shetty’s botoxed-derriere.
    Aur ye Salman Khan shaadi kyu nahi karr raha rey.
    Kahin maamla wo wala to nahi???

    This Khan should learn few grips from my Saifu that how to hold both kind of Oranges.
    Varun Dhawan ki Kasam. Laaj naa aayi tujhe Sidhaarth.
    Ye the “Students of the GayLand”.
    SacchiMucchi waale. Kasam se bhayee…
    Jab innka CREATOR hi MahaAandu ho toh STUDENTS toh aaise hi honge naa 🙂

    Yawwwwohn… (yawning).
    Aapki bitch ki peeche wali, Souten…
    Aapki little oranges ki kasam, aapki hi, apni,
    God Shareef 🙂
    Kya aapke andar ki God bhi DONO SIDE machalti hai?
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    Sacchi bolo?

  9. HRfan says:

    HR and Shweta are childhood friends, they grew up together. isn’t possible for two good friends to meet casually? nothing scandalous about that.

  10. SG says:

    Ha ha.. Since Mr.Bachchan always projects the holy khandani image I wonder what his reaction will be to this..!

  11. sang says:

    you wrote abt RK & Alia but Kat seems to go strong with him, even after RK and yes bank’s MD youngest daughter scene which you mentioned and then deleted later on. And as Arjun clarified that he is not getting divorced. whats your take, what cud be the reason for HR – Sussane separation. Pls reply Jack.

  12. Colossial says:

    Fardeen Khan your taste has gone down to an anorexic lady.

    Bachchans sanskari people is the biggest joke on the earth. Amitabh Bachchan still has affair with Rekha and tried to molest Deepika. This is the reason she did not invite him to Piku bash. Abhishek there are rumours about him being gay and an alcoholic. Jaya Bachchan the chain smoker. And Bahurani’s affairs are known worldwide. So Shweta can have a fling with Hrithik. Why not her husband is a gay as I have read here? Why should boys should have all the fun.

    Jack now you name the industrialist this gold digger Tithi Sood is minning now.

    Sid was gay now varun is also.

  13. GG says:

    @Colossial when the news broke that deepika didn’t invit Amitabh my first thought was Exactly the reason you wrote. The way he would stick to Ash after she became his daughter in law was too creepy. Hard time believing Ash is having affairs though.

  14. Nefarious says:

    Varun is gay? Did Sid and Varun have a thing?

  15. Vrushi says:

    @colossial ash must be barely leaving her house aft her daughter’s birth! Who is she even mingling with?

  16. Aqua says:

    Jack, so far the best article by you. Dont ever disappoint us.
    Your diehard fan

  17. bbb says:

    Jack are rankat splitting up?

  18. bbb says:

    we want more bollywood gissips please!

  19. Colossial says:

    @neferous and @GG I was talking about Ash affairs before wedding. Do you remember the Kalyan jewellery fiasco ad with a child holding an umbrella on her head. Do you remember I do not care response given by her PR. Ash saving grace are only her looks and her gowns in Cannes and her Bachchan surname.

  20. fsrocks says:

    i loooove gossips. keep it up guys.

  21. SG says:

    Now that Rani Mukherji is pregnant.. Can anyone tell me what happened to Aditya Chopra’s first wife?

  22. Melody says:

    Jack, give an option to share a particular piece on Facebook, Twitter and Watsapp. It will only make you more viral 😉

  23. KB says:

    Guys is Suzanne Khan tying the knot as reported? Please answer me.

  24. GG says:

    Jack – I know you said your strength is not bwood goss but you are by far the most reliable source when it comes to bwood news. Is it true that Suzanne Khan is marrying again? if yes do you know who the guy is?

  25. Vrushi says:

    Its arjun rampal guys

  26. Nefarious says:

    Arjun sorta denied it in his tweet. so did Suzanne’s mom. whats going on?

  27. KB says:

    Vrushi – so they are getting married? are you sure?

  28. Bollyfaness says:

    Jack! I loved all the news bits you gave us. Kudos to you for not writing ‘blind items’. We are eagerly waiting for more. Is Jaya Bachchan really a chain smoker as someone said?

  29. Jacky says:

    So Rajeev Masand stole your story and turned it into a blind – http://www.openthemagazine.com/article/voices/sucker-punched-again

  30. pratiti says:

    this is now hilarious! Rajeev Masand has now copied your Fardeen Khan link-up as his blind piece for his latest open magazine weekly article.

  31. Lovely says:

    Jack. You have been shamelessly ripped off by rajeev masand who has masqueraded your Fardeen Khan item as a blind piece this week!

  32. jack says:

    Hi Lovely, the king of ‘Blind Items’ ripping off a story that isn’t blind anymore as a ‘blind’ piece only amuses me. Masand is a big bollywood critic and an insider and if he is ripping off, I’ll take it as flattery.
    Thanks for bringing it to my notice.

  33. it's me says:

    fashion scandal is the best. thank you guys for informing us.

  34. gooeykablooie says:

    Hey Jack, what is the dough on Shweta and Nikhil Nanda? Amitabh and Shweta do not follow Nikhil on Twitter. And Nikhil never mentions the Bachchans or his wife on his blog. Shweta never writes about him in her rather dull and pretentious DNA columns. Do they just maintain a facade of being married? Nikhil is seen with his wife on ‘important’ occasions though, like the time when Amitabh received something or the other from the President at Rashtrapati bhavan. It feels like nothing is as it seems with the Bachchans.

  35. pia says:

    Both Shweta and Nikhil Nanda are seeing different people.

  36. soso says:

    pia- who are these people?

  37. it's me says:

    i don’t think Shweta and Nikhil wil get divorced so it’s time pass.

  38. Loveleen says:

    I always wondered why Nikhil even married sweta… Yeah she was Amitab daughter but what else .. Neither looks nor crazy money like Nandas

  39. Nefarious says:

    are Kat and Ranbir heading towards spiltsville?

  40. Shivani says:

    @nefarious are they even a real couple?!?

  41. hhgh says:

    Jack please tell us about rankat. they are faking it or dating for real? if so is there any trouble in their paradise? please answer.

  42. Nefarious says:

    @shivani, they did have something for a while, during that period we heard less about Ranbir’s escapades. although, the relationship was predicted to fail, but i think if they are indeed facing rough waters theyd still pull it through until jagga jasoos promotions. AND boy ranbir deepikas chemsitry….sizzling during tamasha promotions. Ranveer should be a worried man 😛

  43. jack says:

    Another version doing the rounds is that since Ranveer start going steady with Katrina, his filmy career has taken a downward slide. Do you remember the last hit that Ranvir Kapoor gave? If Jagga Jasoos fails, Ranvir will be labelled as a flop-star. Kapoor khan dan that believes a lot in faith, fate, energy, astrology is sort of blaming Ranvir’s hit-drought on Ran-Kat relationship.

  44. VML says:

    @Tamtam – That’s what friends who work in the industry say. I can’t personally verify but they seem confident when they say that SRK-PC is definitely still going on. Jack should be able to give us a clear picture.

  45. cool says:

    ^ You mean Ranbir

  46. Shivani says:

    Wow this sure turned out to b the ATBB post as some1 had suggested..

  47. jojo says:

    Hey Jack we want more posts like this.

  48. moonlight says:

    any truth about the Hrithik -Deepika/Kangs/Kat/Kareena/Barbara linkup stories?

  49. moonlight says:

    ^can someone please enlighten me?

  50. Alcie says:

    Hey Jack! what’s the latest on RanKat? I find it hard to believe that she is just a beard.

  51. Nefarious says:

    @Alice, this is news to me. i havent heard before that Kat is a beard. At best, both are milking the relationship for publicity due to their recent spate of flops. Although, i wont be surprised if Ranbir and Ayan are an item.

  52. moonlight says:

    Hey Jack! i want you to confirm these blinds if you can. 1-PC dating some NRI guy.2-Rankat splitting up.3-HR dating Sushmita sen.4-Shahid/Pulkit and some brunette fling.

  53. SG says:

    PC dating NRI guy was timed well with SRK & Gauri’s photo. Dunno how much truth is in it…. Its not Pulkit.. I guess Shahid back to his old ways.. with Jacqueline who had a fling with Arjun Kapoor? HR & Shwetha Bachchan & now Sushmita? lol Katrina is too smart to let go off Ranbir so easily. By marrying him she gets a permanent foothold in Bollywood, a family with good legacy & money. Her future is sort of secure that way…

  54. SG says:

    Just like Aishwarya.. If you notice she always had a pattern of dating men with well established families in Bollywood. – Salman, Vivek & then the Bachchans.. Dunno how much love was actually there.. But Bollywood ladies are really smart when it comes to marriage…

  55. moonlight says:

    SG thank you for your answers. Regarding Katrina you’re right she is smart/opportinist but the question is; is Ranbir really keen on marrying her? You know he’s a player/ not a marriage material.

  56. nefarious says:

    And yes, its been over 5 years and he hasnt married her. His family dont like Katrina so the day he gets bored of her, he will dump her, in case he hasnt already. there are blinds suggesting he has, but with Tamasha round the corner, lets not be too sure.;)

  57. lolo says:

    @nefarious- bang on

  58. golden says:

    So HR-Shweta are going strong, it seems. Did you guys read the lattest blind about them? Though i fail to believe this, but it’s bollywood where everything is possible.

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