Relationships Evolve Fast in Lutyen’s Delhi

The affair between Ratul Puri and Niamat Singh is no more hush-hush. They don’t meet secretly anymore but are seen together at public places. Only wonder why Ratul has provided for bodyguards to his new dainty damsel when she travels in the monstrous SUV. There’s no threat to her, at least I am not aware of one.

Sanjit Bakshi, the estranged husband of Niamat has mend his heart, too. After all life must go on! He has found his soulmate in an old friend but this pair is rather secretive about it. 

All is well that ends well. In four months since the split in December 2016, each has settled in a new relationship. Hope it’s smooth-sailing now!

Sunjay Kapur got married for the third time to his long-time beau, Priya Sachdev in New York. Hope this nuptial-knot is for keeps for Sunjay and Priya.

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  1. Sumona says:

    Jack i must add that when Niamat was in London with her now estranged hubby, Sanjit, Ratul Puri was there too. She went shopping with 100,000pounds, 50k taken from hubby and 50k from Ratul on the pretext that her hubby is stingy.
    This ‘evolved’ relationship is only about moolah. It will last as long the moolah flow s for her shopping spree…

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