COACHELLA – The Annual ‘OGLE’ Fest!

You have to go to Coachella to ogle at the hot celebrities who have made this annual April event a must-visit stop on their way to showing off, dress down, and boobtastic hot bodies. The likes of Kylie Jenner, Ariel Winter, Emily Ratajkowski, Katy Perry and Billionaire BarbieParis Hilton came streaming into the VIP section of the desert music festival. Coachella isn’t about music; it’s about scoring ogle worthy points. 

Coachella (against popular belief) is not a time to gauge fashion and beauty trends. It is refreshing to see celebrities let their hair down and not wear the ubiquitous flower crowns. However one couldn’t ignore the dominating trend of ‘highlighted hair’, shirtless look and black mesh maxis worn over bikinis.

Aside from the usual jean-shorts-and-crop-top combo, sequined bra-tops and floral Boho-chic bloomed at Coachella where Lady Gaga was a big draw.

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