Lady Gaga Has Balls

lady-gaga-nakedlady-gaga-jeff-koonsLady Gaga is constantly trying to shock. If she had enough of weird fashion like the infamous ‘Meat Dress’, she found the easiest way to grab eyeballs and what else could it be but to bare it all. Pop-sculpture artist Jeff Koons shot Lady Gaga, which I think is for her album – PopArt – that released on Wednesday. Lady Gaga being nekkid with a giant blue glass ball is art? I doubt!

lady-gaga-PopArtlady-gagaI can’t say I entirely understand the symbolism in these photos. I suppose it mostly has to do with shocking people and selling albums. There’s really no denying that Lady Gaga keeps herself in pretty fine shape. If you are a Lady Gaga fan, ENJOY the images!


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