Is It A Deliberate ‘Flash’ Paris?

Paris-Hilton-Flashes-Cleavage-and-Her-Panties-in-London-02-675x900Fresh off her victory in some European music award show for something to do with music or being famous, Billionaire Barbie, Paris Hilton took her eclectic fame show to London for a fun night out.

Paris-Hilton-Flashes-Cleavage-and-Her-Panties-in-London-13-675x900Fun involved some pushed-up cleavage show in a sparkling grey dress and upskirt peeks revealing some pretty pink panties in a London taxi. I will say the flash of pink was a nice surprise for the paparazzi trailing the hotel-heiress. But then one can expect Paris Hilton to do that ‘knicker-flash’ deliberately to be in the news. Who the hell sits in a cab in a short dress with legs up when flash bulbs are flickering??? 

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