Celebrities & Their OOPS Moments

KangnaRanaut13KangnaRanaut07KangnaRanaut08 It is an undeniable fact that-‘Beauty Lies in the Details’! A small detail ignored can spoil the beautiful image that celebrities painstakingly create and adhere to. Uber and feisty actor, Kangana Ranaut always make a fashionable appearance. At the ‘Rangoon’ promotions she appeared in a pretty pinstripe coat-dress, paired over a short skirt. No doubt Kangana looked absolutely chic in the well-crafted ensemble. But when I got a sneak-peak of her spanx shorts worn beneath, the delicate femininity of the beautiful dress got washed away. I am sure she wore the shorts to avoid accidental ‘knicker-flash’ moments but then a glamorous actress has to be savvy enough to carry off a short dress without any ‘oops’ moments. Those grey spandex briefs killed Kangana Ranaut’s otherwise uber chic look.

RochelleMariaRao_knicker flashRochelleMariaRao_knicker flash copyBigg Boss finalist and now a popular TV anchor, Rochelle Pinto took the dress code for emceeing the Black & White Scotch Whisky event literally. The whisky event had Hollywood star Frieda Pinto who looked hot in a white dress with a plunging neck. Rochelle wore a short black dress and white knickers that she couldn’t avoid flashing. Come-on…white knicker under a black dress??? Who does it? I am sure Frieda Pinto didn’t wear black thongs under her white dress even if it was a Black & White Whisky promotion event.

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  1. Q? says:

    Regarding the Lagerfels-Streep issue, one outlet said actresses can earn up to $250000 for the dress they wear and stylists around $30000-$60000. How much do our actresses and stylists in India earn Jack? And is this why the current generation has so many girls instagramming their brand purchases and style quotient? All about the money? (Anil Kapoor recently admitted to renting Sanjay Dutt’s suits from his tailor for premiers in the 80s….I thought that was hilarious)

  2. jack says:

    Yeah Chanel and Lagerfeld are crying foul. The so-called ‘Streep’ dress will now hang in the atelier’s archives as it was custom-fitted for Meryl Streep. Lagerfeld lamented,“After we gift her a dress that’s 100,000 euros [$105,000], we found later we had to pay [for her to wear it]. We give them dresses, we make the dresses, but we don’t pay.”.
    I am sure Indian actors and their stylists take money and free outfits but no one says how much. I know how upset Dior was when SRK didn’t return a Rs.12Lacs suit.

  3. Jaanu says:

    I ❤️ Kangy! Courageous and brave and a great actor too. She has more balls than many men in Bollywood. PS: dont care much for the post’s content though – panty-shaming not cool ?

  4. Q? says:

    Just watching Oscars, and have to say Meryl’s dress isn’t that great. And yes Jack you really need to stop with the camel toe/panty shaming. It’s funny/oops moment like wearing two different shoes to work is, but that’s it.

  5. jack says:

    @Q…Hope a post on’How-to-Avoid’ VPL/C-Toe is acceptable???

  6. Q? says:

    “@Q…Hope a post on’How-to-Avoid’ VPL/C-Toe is acceptable???”
    LoL Jack! Sure if you also include how to avoid Manspread and Speedo bumps along with it. Let’s be equal opportunity here 😉

    But seriously, my extremely petite friend (5 feet maybe) can barely sit on a barstool without balancing her feet by pushing them back or front parallel to each, and holding on to the stool. This inevitably means a v gap between her legs and skirt. So as long as you do it as matter of preference/etiquette/how to carry of a style and there is no slut shaming, go for it.

    BTW who remembers the scene in “Friends” , the guy Phoebe is dating and he’s wearing shorts and shows it all off?

  7. Anna says:

    Then actresses like Meryl Streep act as if they are the holier than thou. Granted any dress she wear on Oscar red carpet will generate lots of publicity for designer and designing house. But still she also earns in millions and is getting dress for free, they cannot take designers for ride in name of free publicity. Have some respect for designers who work so hard to make you look presentable and also they are your fellow artist. The actresses want to make money off every person walking along them . They don’t reveal such things to public . It clearly shows when given a chance Meryl also plays power games, so please stop pretending to be above everyone and stop giving her standing ovation.
    Just too much celebrity praising.

  8. Jaanu says:

    @Q. Couldn’t agree more! And thanks for the support. @ Anna: Lagerfeld lied and has apologized to Meryl. Neither she nor her stylist asked for any $. Please google.

  9. Anna says:

    Ok Meryl is holier than thou , if you say so @Jaanu. Ok only if you say so @jaanu I agree actresses(in this case meryl) don’t ask for money to wear dresses.
    But I just simply don’t agree with this practice of asking money from designers to wear their clothes, also in first place not paying for clothes , then not returning clothes and above all getting paid to do all this. It’s a wrong practice and it’s catching up and we all are mum spectators because we are trained to agree with oh the ‘designer gets wide publicity’.
    Glad Lagerfeld raised his voice on this issue (malpractice), I believe he has guts and mind of his own and to go with it voice of his own.
    Respect Lagerfeld.

  10. Really? says:

    I wonder if this lagerfeld guy just was not happy with Meryl criticizing Trump. So may be he tried to bring her down. And we don’t have any proof that Meryl doesn’t return dresses. People just like to hate anyone who is good also.. irony of human life. So there are such people too.

    Then iy’s not the actors but the designers who are desperate to get publicity from top stars by being nice to them all the time.. do these designers ever give a dress to an ordinary starlet or a new comer without guarantees.. or even with guarantee?

  11. VML says:

    Jack, what’s with all the men in the industry ganging up against Ranaut? I loved her response to KJo in Mumbai Mirror.

  12. jack says:

    I believe it’s because she’s not losing any opportunity to take them on…

  13. Janvi says:

    @ VML: Kangy has more balls than any man in Bollywood. She is honest and fearless and these b$&@ cant tolerate it. But public supports and adores her so balls to these Bolly-a$&@

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