Great Falls of Fashion

fall2Models-falling-on-the-ramp-naomiWe all have seen fashion models tripping, skidding and falling on the fashion runway. It is no big deal. I would say, it is just an occupational hazard for the leggy models. Yes for the photographers the ‘fall’ must be an interesting image to capture and for our nonsensical Desi tabloids those images may make it to the front-page. But believe you me from Supermodels – Naomi Campbell to Linda, models have had terrible falls on the ramp.

kangana tripsfall3At the WIFW Fall-Winter 2014, Kangana Ranaut tripped on her Namrata Joshipura gown but instantly gained her composure. I hate it when audience laugh at such accidents, specially men. I bet they can’t take more than two steps in 6-inch stilettos on a vinyl ramp. So here is a video to just see some disastrous fashion falls across the world:


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