Told U, “IPL Nights Fashion Shows r Sleaze Shows”.

I was the first one to draw the your attention to the much-hyped fashion shows at IPL Nights. I told you it was just an excuse to show tits & legs to the lecherous cricketers and provide entertainment to money-bags who buy 40k tickets for a game. Read my post of March 19, 2010 (IPL Nights Fashions Shows are an Insult to Fashion @ Yesterday HT City came out with the same story:

First it was Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna. Next was Abhishek Gupta & Nandita Basu and most recently, it was Namrata Joshipura, who unlike the other two, expressed her angst about the sleaze show disguised as fashion show. Read my second post on it dated 30th March, 2010 (IPL NIghts is all about Sex & Drugs @ Namrata poured her anger on the Facebook as her status. No sooner the word spread, Mehr Rampal called up Joshipura saying she was upset about her Facebook Status. Namrata, not the one to cow down answered back, “Forget you being upset, I am more upset with that crap – the sleaze show that is passed off as a fashion show.” Later Arjun Rampal called up Rohit Gandhi asking him if he can pursue Namrata Joshipura to take off her outburst on IPL sleaze show from the Facebook. 

Atta gal, Namrata Joshipura. She’s got balls!

11 Replies to “Told U, “IPL Nights Fashion Shows r Sleaze Shows”.”

  1. amrita sen says:

    IPL or FASHION WEEK, it is all sleaze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, if it is so exclusive why not continue to host Fashion Week in an ambience which an event of this magntiude deserves? Like a hotel. I was shocked to see media loos in the ‘desert’ with no lights, toilet paper or hygiene and buyers’ loo air-conditioned with a maid>?????

  2. anonymous says:

    Jennifer Mayani [who calls herself an actress but has only done one scene in ‘Hey Baby’ opposite Akshay Kumar in the supermarket, and who proudly shows off her fake tits [40] and recently botoxed butt [40 as well!] [google her hot pics] was spotted picking up Zaheer Khan at a Mumbai IPL party in the VIP Lounge!!!! Her friends, a much-married girl called Kavita who has a toy-boy boyfriend model Vikram, too were flirting with Zaheer’s friends while choreographer Rehan Shah looked on.

  3. anonymous says:

    Please discover the secret of Deepak’s real business. While the married fifty-year-old gentleman from Kashmir claims to be dealing in carpets and moves in a chic crowd, how come there are six-seven wanabe models like Himanshu Chhabra, Rahul Sen, Danish Qyuyum, Sumit Sidana, Vikas Pahwa and several new ones each month… hanging with him at parties and shows, getting discreetly introduced to the “right people” in fashion and often seen leaving with them? Busienss or pleasure or pimping or what?????????????

  4. Anonymous says:

    The party at Rohit Gandhi’s was pretty good, he is a great host. however, the so called ‘art’ on the other hand was pathetic. Supposed to be a snow in footprints theme…the only. as for the wannabe models, they were pretty hot. btw: lap needs to get better music.

  5. anonymous says:

    Models anil kumar chowdhury, avi abhichandani and ansh srivastav from gurgaon and goregaon respectively are gigolos who would not charge money to anyone related to the fashion industry in hope of work! they do the Dubai circuit quite often it seems because they are all on very good terms with the shiekh who spends most of his time looking after one of his three-star hotels in Juhu!!!!!!!!!!!! we heard the “co-ordinator” is a choregrapher based in Noida!!! Was his name sameer?

  6. jack says:

    Hi Amrita,
    have some good news for you.
    last when I spoke with the FDCI President, he said that the fashion week will move to a 5 star Hotel next season.
    Cheers to that!

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