Keith Vaz aka ‘Vazeline’ Stuck In Sex Scandal

Keith-VazKeith Vaz in his 29 years as a Labour MP has been mired in unprecedented number of scandals, financial allegations, sleaze investigations and conduct complaints. But now since Sunday Mirror exposed his sexual encounter with male escorts, Mr Vaseline  (Nickname of Vaz) will be manage to yet again slip away. 

Here is the link to the Sunday Mirror story:

MARCH-4TH-Labour-MP-Keith-VazKeith-Vaz-and-Shilpa-Shetti--PRODThe Goa born MP is married and a father of two. Nobody knew Keith Vaz is a bi-sexual or maybe a closeted gay till Sunday Mirror filmed him with male prostitutes. Vaz loved partying and hobnobbed with Hinduja brothers, Shilpa Shetty , Russell Brand, the former Prime Minister of Spain, Jose Luis Zapetero and Tony Blair. 

Keith-Vaz2Keith-Vaz1Sunday Mirror exposed Keith Vaz’s text messages to male prostitutes, desire for sex-stimulant like Poppers and cocaine to kick-off the sordid sex orgy at his London flat.
The MP introduced himself as Jim, a washing-machine salesman.

Post the Sunday Mirror expose, Keith Vaz resigned from being the Chairman of the Home Affairs Committee that examined the prostitution law. Since the news broke, most of his high-profile friends are mum but Vaz found support from fellow Labour MP, Simon Danczuk. He suggested today that there should be more compassion towards Mr Vaz as ‘he tries to deal with his sexuality’.He also questioned whether the politician – who has been overseeing the biggest shake-up of Britain’s prostitution laws in a generation – had done anything illegal.

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  1. mister mister says:

    where are our gay pols/celebs? we have the usual rumors on celebs but not a single pol

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