Keith Vaz aka ‘Vazeline’ Stuck In Sex Scandal

Keith Vaz in his 29 years as a Labour MP has been mired in unprecedented number of scandals, financial allegations, sleaze investigations and conduct complaints. But now since Sunday Mirror exposed his sexual encounter with male escorts, Mr Vaseline  (Nickname of Vaz) will be manage to yet again slip away.  Here is the link to the Sunday Mirror […]

Blast from the Past: Did Prince Harry Party With A Coke Dealer & Hookers in SIN CITY?

I really have to wonder if all of the speculation about Prince Harry’s “gigantic” scandal-to-come is just coming from my list of possible scandals. Not only did Radar report that Harry might have been in the room while cocaine was going around in his Las Vegas suite, now Radar claims that an actual coke dealer […]

Are They Peddling Cocaine to Run Nightclubs?

Cocaine and partying are definitely no strange bedfellows. But I was stumped by this Promo on Facebook by some Club Promoter that read – ;;: COCA:;;:THE WHITE SENSATION PARTY:;;: Now that is definitely not subtle, rather it’s like shouting shouting over loudspeakers. There isn’t an iota of doubt that the promoters of the ‘Theme Night’ are […]

It’s not Coke, it’s Powdered Rhino Horn that makes u Supermodel

All this while our models thought Cocaine is that magic thing that keeps you slim and trim. Can’t blame them as Kate Moss’ Coke escapades got flashed everywhere and her stylish coke stash, which was a Faberge Egg became every models envy. I don’t know if Cocaine works but yeah the Colombian powder finds fancy […]