KJo Has To Use KRK???

imageOMG…People are so opinionated about KJo. Just read the comments guys!

Good Lord! Weird are the ways of Bollywood. The fracas between Karan Johar and Ajay Devgn is shocking. I mean who takes help of an idiot like Kamaal R Khan to trash a colleague’s movie??? Absurd!!! Though I have always felt that KJo has a nasty streak in him, which he hides well with his overtly jovial ways.

Kamaal R Khan (KRK Exposed) – YouTube from Ajay Devgn’s Tweet

Here is the phone conversation between KRK and Kumar Mangat: http://youtu.be/uOejVNby2EI

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  1. 5hrut1 says:

    Kjo using krk ?? How cheap .!! . I thought he was more creative than this ha-ha .

  2. 5hrut1 says:

    Kjo using krks help ?? How cheap !! Thought he was more creative than this ha-ha

  3. TruthSpeaker says:

    Why bad mouth KRK? He is doing his job! We may not want to take him seriously but the man has a voice and a sufficient following of people. Maybe people just follow him for kicks – to see how else is he making a jack ass of himself but people follow him.

    KJo is the least innocent of them all. He keeps devising new ways to keep himself and his coterie relevant whilst never leaving any chance to mock those he doesn’t deem Filmy Blood enough/rich enough/goodlooking enough. He is vicious. I’m sure he paid KRK for the Sid fracas too about Alia’s bikini (she looked bad and I agree with KRK). KJo is taking everyone for granted by constantly shoving down crap our throats while he has the last mocking laugh.

    Kjo has already tried to subdue the matter. There’s no media brouhaha around the incident like usually there would be. I hope Ajay Devgn finishes off KJo once and for all…
    #EndofNepotism #EndofSelfRighteousness #EndofCondescension #EndofCastingCouch

    His sexual predator ways and nepotistic ways make me sick. He has a comment on everyone and everything but look at the crap he dishes out. All he has done is sell feel good candy floss to people which people have innocently bought. What has the man got to offer in terms of quality or achievement or originality? Where does he stand on the Global scale? He is not even honest about who or what he is. Hypocrite.

  4. Ironhide says:

    karan johar has always been a nasty, opportunistic animal. All his relations and even friendships are based on the maximum money he can extract out of the said friendship. The way he spreads fake blinds about his competitors and also his toyboy sid is disgusting.

  5. Katrina says:

    Why is PC not promoting ADHM? Some beef w/ K JO?

  6. nefarious says:

    Now Fawad is the first guest on his show. He cant even be subtle about his toy boys anymore. Feel bad for Sid Malhotra. About the KRK incident, KRK has denied Kjo paying him money, not sure who is lying. Ajay has also gone silent.

  7. namdeo says:

    @nfearious fawad is straight n married i doubt he ‘d anythung with kjo

  8. nefarious says:

    @namdeo: You wish 😛 . God Shareef and Jack can clear ur doubts. There have been reports in pakistani circles of Fawad swinging both ways. He may just be gay for pay . But theres def something between him and Kjo

  9. God_ShaReef says:

    Dekho bhai,
    K Jo ka bhojan toh…
    Banta hai.
    Phir STUDENT OF THE BOLLYWOOD bhi to banaa deta hai wo.
    Itta haq to bechaare ka bannta hai.
    Sidharth ki kasam.

    If you talk about Fawad…
    Since his indie TV opener Zindagi Gulzar Hai, there have been so many scenes where you find and notice that few of his gestures and dialogue delivery tones are feminine ala DELICATE Jr B.
    Haanji. Unnki bhi kasam.

    Dekho, kaam milna chaahiye. Kuch bhi bajaake mile. Mile toh….
    Sab jagah bajjta hai aajKal.
    Media kam hai kya.
    Koi intern ek dam se Anchor banaa di jaati hai.
    Have you ever given any thought?
    Later same media fingers, same holes.
    Be it BollyWood or JournoWood!!!

    Kya aapke andar ki God bhi koi STUDENT dhoondh rahi hai?
    Aapka God Shareef.
    Haaye… hamein hi naa mila koi Kambakhat K Jo. Hum to kab se STUDENT bann jaane ko taras rahe hain.

  10. nefarious says:

    there! @namdeo. need i say more. If you also notice Kjo’s past movies, you will notice he is the king of nepotism He only casts star kids, A-list actors, if he is casting outsiders like Sid and FK, you know he is getting something in return 🙂 there are no free lunches anywhere, and def not BW.
    Like Godshareef said, Kaam milna chahiye.

  11. namdeo says:

    yaah @nefarious kind of hard to believe specially when his wife is expecting a second child.. may be he is gay for pay as u pointed out… still hard to digest a conservative pakistani man would be comfy with alternate sexuality

  12. stealthbomber says:

    @namdeo & @nefarious: may be its easier to wrap our heads around this phenomenon if we view folks like FK as bisexual, instead of viewing sexual orientation in silos of hetero and homo (gay/lesbian).

  13. nefarious says:

    @namdeo, what to do na, paapi pet ka sawaal hai. Oh he is expecting another child? that i dint know. maybe thats the consolation prize for the wifey

  14. Essesspa says:

    What am I missing here? Why are we taking KRK’s word as the gospel truth? I mean, he is hardly a beacon of sense or sensibility… If it’s true, KRK has also exposed himself to be corrupt and doing reviews for money – why would he expose his own shadiness like that? And no matter how nasty or vicious KJo might be, why do comments on him always turn to his sexuality? I agree that he is nepotistic and can be snide and undermining. But so are most industry folk, regardless of their sexuality or public image of niceness. He may use the casting couch, but again, this is endemic to Bollywood. I’m deadset against these practices, but let’s not blindly believe hearsay either!

  15. TruthSpeaker says:

    @Essesspa It’s no attack on KJo’s sexuality! It’s just that both his Casting Couch and Nepotism are so in your face. An annoying person like him should bless his stars for being born into a film family & should try and do further good than go backwards. It’s clear he is not over his bullied childhood and effeminate ways. He needs to grow up and let the bitterness go. Or he needs to direct his bitterness towards those who wronged him! The audience shouldn’t have to pay for his whims and fantasies!! This is a form of art we are talking about – movies & we cannot let one man crap all over it. Right from his actors to directors to assistants to god knows maybe even his driver are either children of nepotism or his lust! He can do so much more! He can just go get laid overseas with far better looking guys that his money can afford and come back here and do honest work! Most of his sound tracks these days are pop hits or film hits of the past! He over and over again recreates old film moments (Anushka & Ranbir in ADHM & Sridevi + Rishi scene). Are you telling me that man is only capable of dancing in those hideous ways & pouting like a woman & getting boy candy in his mouth so that he can go & gamble crores? Does he have no faith in himself? Or is he oblivious to the concept of originality? It’s time he grows up & gives up the couch in favor of something that might make him be remembered!

    Also KRK didn’t expose his shadiness in this instance! Ajay Devgn did! & honest to goodness Ajay Devgn is not lying! KJo loves to fancy himself as a marketing guru and these tactics are not new to him! So please…. Don’t waste your time trying to protect KJo! Stand up for something true!

  16. Sunny says:

    @TruthSpeaker,Agree 100% with ur view, KJo movies dont have emotional depth and originality. Mostly he uses his past or others past successful movies/scenes to promote his current movies. His movies are excessively marketed so much so that public gets bored even before watching them. I have stopped watching his movies..

  17. Nefarious says:

    I was actually looking fwd to the may- dec romance between ash and ranbir. Even that appears to be a relationship of lust. He wasnt able to add any depth to it. He comes across as so learned and eloquent in his interviews, bt his movies trivialise everthing.

  18. Give us a break says:

    Hey man truthspeaker, am new here. I was reading your comments. I agreed most of it but 25%. You seem to be one of the kjo bullies. I hate it when he thrust down all bs on common people like us. I hate how kjo talks like you I.e mixing truth with lies. So the point is Ajay devgn obviously thought he can pull of a stunt and went ahead with releasing conversation which apparently contained some lies as krk wanted to avoid irritating guy talking on phone. But Ajay thought he is smart as he apparently knew what’s the value of krks reviews but thought mere mortal like us won’t know. krk gave back disclosing more than what they expected. Then if they were right they would have fought back answering krk but it appears krk really has lent money to whosoever that producer guy is. And also financed Ajay some time. So they shut up. And you tried to talk sense a little bit and then mix your agenda lies. That’s exactly what kjo does. We poor average indians who have morals, ethics and poverty are just dying bearing your such conspiracy.. alas..

  19. TruthSpeaker says:

    @Sunny I’m glad you agree and share my opinion. I am truly disgusted by KJo taking us for granted. He’s just trying to pull wool over our eyes all the time. He thinks by using self deprecating humor via his NDTV blogs and otherwise people will keep letting things pass. Sorry, not around those like me. If he agrees he is such a piece of work & that his decisions aren’t always the best. That he is a liar. That he has double standards. That he is as dishonest as they come and so on & so forth then KJo please step down. Please disappear. You’ve made enough money to live your life in comfort. Let someone deserving and honest step upto the challenge. Look at where Global Cinema is. Just by pretending to be wise when put on a Global platform & saying something quirky doesn’t negate what you actually do when you are doing your job back home! No one else in the public eye draws such a harsh response from me as much as him! He won’t even come out publicly cause he is afraid of losing his business. Agreed money makes the world go round but when does one stop & be honest atleast about his or her own self? What does he do for the LGBT community? He ridiculed them via that Ab Jr & John movie. Then in his short in Bombay Talkies he again got the community a bad rep by portraying them as sexual predators! Sorry KJo but not everyone is like you!! Wake up & smell the Koffee Karan! People within your own harem like Sid, Fawad etc I’m sure aren’t actually feeling happy about how they end up getting work in the movies through you. It’s like cause KJo doesn’t want to feel lonely so he’s taking others down with himself into the dark side. I’m pretty sure these men want to feel accomplished on their own merits (which they have many of to offer)… Seriously!!! Ayan Mukerji (totally Gay & part of KJo’s inner circle of bad things hence given preferential treatment by KJo) openly admits no one was serious while making YJHD. They never even had a story or script in place. They would show up daily and just wing it on the sets. They sold that movie to the audience based solely on music! Many more instances. So tell me people; do you want a man like KJo thriving?

  20. Alcie says:

    @sunny so true. I am sick of his movies too. It’s all glossy and that’s it – where is the substance? Baar baar dekho was a miserable experience. Between Katrina’s weird face and Sid’s acting (or lack thereof), I was dozing off.

  21. TruthSpeaker says:

    @ Give us a break Hi, Thanks for agreeing with me to about 3/4th of what I have to say. I’m pretty sure soon you will agree with me fully!

    Having had a terrible childhood myself & being bullied by just about everyone I’ve known, I know what it’s like to feel bullied. So your feeling that I am one of KJo’s bullies is wrong. I am not. I have learnt to channel things to a greater good & my own betterment. That is what I think KJo should be doing too. Those of us who are kicked around the most have the most strength to come out shining.

    Yet look at where KJo is. He never supports anyone who’s been kicked around. I doubt he even comes close to interacting with any such people. Most strugglers of the film industry (of any department) don’t get access to him cause he has no time/mood to go out there & scout for real actual stories or talent. He himself said he makes up stories or ideas while he’s walking in circles in New York or London with a dictaphone to record any scene he wants to show. Back here he only mingles with the film crowd or their children & good looking guys from fashion weeks. Are you seriously telling me that out of the million girls in Mumbai – he could only see spunk in an out of shape Alia? & if she impressed him so much – why did he transform her a 360 degrees before SOTY & continues to make her sexier every time he can? & he fails! Alia will never be Kareena! She looks like a kid/bad/mostly trolled. Or Sid for that matter – if KJo really feels that Sid is the next superstar – then why doesn’t he let him go? Sid is the only guy in the industry who gets such a bad rep cause of KJo. Any article on him gets trolled cause of KJo. Outside Dharma he’s done one movie – Ek Villain. & we all know what the deal/friendship between Ekta/Karan/Manish is (Mohit Suri wanted to cast Arjun Kapoor). Why hasn’t a totally unrelated person to KJo cast Sid yet? Cause Karan doesn’t let him grow. & KJo will single handedly ruin that boy’s career. Sid needs to run from him as far as he can!! It’s common knowledge how he got his break in SOTY or even so many Varun Bahl+KJo fashion shows. Except teenaged girls, no intelligent movie goer has a good image of Sid. & sadly he will have been the one person who’s struggled most. All the other guys are nepotism kids who’ve had all the best comforts/wealth in their homes & home town. Gym trainers & dieticians, sports cars, direct launches and repeated backing! Why do you think SRK distanced himself from KJo? His image was going down. SRK was constantly being linked to KJo. Anytime you did a Google search; you would get prompted by Google things like “KJo Sid Boyfriend” “Sid Gay” “KJo SRK Lovers” and what not. Money has been paid to search engines to erase these prompts.

    It’s time KJo took a major step back. He is too in the face. & everything about his ways and partiality are out in the open. This is the technology age. All the obvious blinds he plants. All his marketing tactics are dated. His nepotism. His favoritism for obvious reasons are all common knowledge now. & why does he have to do all this? Cause none of his stories/movies are honestly made that they can just back themselves up!

    He can do so much more with the resources at his disposal!

    As far as the KRK bit is concerned. During Bombay Velvet also it came out in the open that KJo had paid KRK to praise the movie. KJo is always able to hush things up like he did this time too.

    The sheer amount of hardwork/mental trauma/social trauma a struggler has to go through is unbelievable. Yet their fates are decided by a handful of people at the top for totally unjustifiable reasons. & KJo has become the brand ambassador of the above mentioned phenomenon…

  22. Sunny says:

    @Alcie,thanks for agreeing with my views.

    @TruthSpeaker, I have come to hate Kjo of late as much as you do. At times I feel this person is all about gloss/external appearances,without a soul. His movies reflect the same.Also the social media stance he takes is double sometimes triple standard.

    Taking about Nepotism in Hindi film Industry,I cant recall any actor of present generation who comes from non-filmy family,enjoying superstar status. All have relatives in film industry. I dont see any fresh face among men who can be future superstars. KJo has indeed contributed a lot to nepotism.

    I heard KJo is going to launch the below star kids in the industry –
    1. Sara Ali Khan
    2. Jahnvi Kapoor
    3. Ishaan Khattar
    4. Aryan Khan and some more

    The following actors,who are still active,are all from filmy families-
    1. Varun Dhawan
    2. Shahid Kapoor
    3. Ranbir Kapoor
    4. Ranveer Singh(Sonam Kapoor’s cousin)
    5. Siddharth Roy Kapur
    6. Alia Bhatt
    7. Shraddha Kapoor
    8. Hrithik Roshan
    9. Aamir Khan
    10. Salman Khan
    11. Sooraj Pancholi
    12. Tiger Shroff
    13. Sonam Kapoor
    14. Sonakshi Sinha
    15. Sanjay Dutt
    16. Harshvardhan Kapoor
    17. Kareena Kapoor
    18. Emraan Hashmi
    19. Abhishek Bachchan
    20. Kajol
    21. Ajay Devgn
    22. Athiya Shetty
    and some more.

    Only Akshay Kumar,SRK,Aishwarya,Deepika,Priyanka,Katrina,Kangana are ones who have achieved star status on their own i.e. without any relatives in industry. Sushant Singh Rajput,Ayushman Khurrana are yet to make it big and I don’t see anyone pushing them to make them stars. Siddharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan are pushed around by KJo for the reason everyone here knows.

    All I want is some fresh face to be launched. A person who comes from normal middle class family and who is having loads of charisma and talent.

    Sorry for the long post 😀

  23. TruthSpeaker says:

    @ Give us a break

    Hey Man

    I had written a long post to address what you said about me in your comment. However that post of mine hasn’t been put up by the moderator (as yet anyway). Hopefully it gets posted since I invested a lot of my time on it (please post it moderator). Otherwise I’ll try to write again what I had written but that’s gonna be very annoying for me to have to do.

  24. Essesspa says:

    @Truthspeaker: I agree with a lot of what you are saying and I appreciate the time you took to respond in detail to my earlier comment. And I don’t like KJo’s films or bitchiness or other “trade practices” either. My only point was – we should criticize his work, his penchant for the casting couch, his corruption – but many people resort to “eeew, gay!” as a default criticism. KJo is not unique in doing unethical things, that’s the saddest part of it all. Almost everyone in mainstream Bollywood does them. It’s a dark industry that treats strugglers as human collateral, chews them up and spits them out…

  25. TruthSpeaker says:


    Thanks so much for taking the effort to make that list. Your post says it all. I rest my case.

    To those who are still wishing to defend KJo; I don’t see what possible argument you may still have?

    The media, journalists & to an extent audience have handed over authority to a bunch of people as to how Indian Cinema, which is the largest present day form of art/impression is handled. It’s time to put an end to this. 100 Crores are collected on the basis of what? Tickets are priced at 500-750 bucks a pop for a star son movie. Is that justifiable? An average household is expected to spend upwards of 5-10 K a month to just goto the movies? Need I say more?? & what are we getting in return?

    The poor common man goes to the movies in a rickshaw to spend sometime with his girlfriend so that the uber privileged star child may roam around in a sports car that he/she bought from the money they “earned”?

    Sorry people but not sorry. We all need to wake up from this hypnotic sleep & do something about it.

    To add to that wonderful list made by Sunny… Let us not forget the likes of Ayan Mukerji & Puneet Malhotra & Imtiaz Ali’s brother with that Ranbir Kapoor’s cousin dud & the brother of the YRF casting person to name a few. The way things are going – if you’re a good looking rishtedaar – we will put you in front of the camera. If not – please become the Director/AD/Co Producer/Dress Chacha – Chachi/Manager/Makeup/Hair/ anything so that you can take home a handsome amount of money to your 3 Bedroom apartment you inherited. While the real deserving boy/girl who dared to dream. Who faced social stigma as well as emotional trauma. Who earned the ire of every person who was meant to love them. Who manages on bad food & poor road transportation. Who faces endless ridicule at so called ‘auditions’. So on & so forth nearly dies in a shoddy shared room dilapidated building before finally giving up and returning home to even more ridicule.

    I was raised to believe that fame, glory, success belonged to those who tried/dared and made an impact. Not to somebody’s child just for that very reason…

  26. Give us a break says:



    So I managed to find sometime and read your response. Not that I don’t like long comments or be judgemental or say tldr. But mostly trolls find that much of time or the people genuinely and terribly affected. So I was actually worried as why anyone is so restless as it appears you posted another comment. You seemed to have worried of your initial comment not getting posted. So I decided to read and respond as in my job I often care to listen to people and if I notice restlessness I would really like to see where the problem is and do the right things.

    Hey Man, 🙂 firstly am a woman.

    Secondly –

    I wrote that comment angrily because I totally dislike personal attacks. That takes the focus away from the real issues. I am not at all from this industry. But as a human being and citizen I certainly share this concern that India is going through tough times and at this moment a lot of things are not going in the right direction to shape this country’s future. The reason why I started reading this gossip magazines was that we are thrust so much of stuff which we don’t see around on our heads with screaming headlines, which are untrue!

    Like how the entertainment media calls each and everyone or almost all the people superstars or declare so many movies superhits – was beyond the comprehensions of the observant common folks, as in reality most of the times there would be no such thing about the people or the movies.

    So I kind of made an habit to check occasionally as whats really happening by sourcing through all internet resources. It didn’t take much time to guess it was all PR by visiting all of these sites despite I hate all sort of this stuff.

    I do share this concern that we are such a huge country and – how many people might be everyday giving up their dreams due to lack of opportunities. Am certainly alarmed if our kids or actors are abused in order for them to achieve their dreams.

    So I would certainly hate the people who are responsible for that. But I also see that a lot of times due to our bad economy people hate unnecessarily or due to jealousy which makes the picture even worse, confusing things and widening the gap.

    So my concern was why on the planet earth you got to prove anything about KJo by telling he couldn’t overcome that and couldn’t overcome this – which is sort of bullying, not sort of but, real bullying.

    As, you see, not everyone is made the same way mentally. So you can’t compare and ask another person to do this or that, which you could do. You can not just ask someone to overcome this or that when they are emotions! If that’s the case everyone would be happy in this country and everywhere.

    Then mental illnesses are difficult things to tackle and KJo may be suffering something along with the burden of living in a society where there is an absolute lack of gay awareness. It’s only two years ago I figured out what it is to be of an orientation which is not straight – and I am completely in support of letting people live the way they want and also making comfortable and friendly environment for them. So am not sure what’s the burden on KJo mentally.

    I have seen people changing to be human robots in the corporate jobs and at times needing counselling very badly. So I would certainly like to have any conversation keeping the main point in focus without any personal attacks. Neither that kind of attacks help anybody.

    Coming to the point of KJo paying 25 lakh to KRK oh my goodness. I would say KJo might be a real stupid person as I can guarantee you that KRK’s reach is not that much. The reason why I worded strongly against Mr. Devgan is I totally dislike it when people blatantly try to pull off stunts underestimating the IQ of the India. That’s why their films fail. :-p I would have much more anger towards KJo if its true if he is an abuser. But who is proving and why nobody is taking legal action? Why can’t you all who have a definite idea?

    I don’t find problems with the way he makes films though I don;t like them as I believe one should have creative liberty. I just dont watch it if am not pleased.

    Then, am glad to know you have overcome effects of bullying in your past. But I also wish you know that it’s not enough you could over come but its necessary to be supportive of the people who seem to have it. So why bring the personal attack weapon? Why not ask the right questions?
    Why not ask, why Mr. Devgan didn’t answer to KRKs subsequent statements directly? Point blank? Why they didn’t go the legal way? etc.

    OK! I have no idea why I wrote that but guess what, you are too overwhelmed by KJo. Hey don’t take him seriously. Neither we do. 🙂
    Also I am wondering if you are a person who is so much in love with KJo. God knows why. 😀
    I defended KJo as I didn’t like it when he said he had to wake up to trolls calling him names. Let him know that India is not that ugly. 🙂
    We are just busy.

    About nepotism. Yes it’s bad but that doesn’t mean an actors son or daughter should not try in their parents industry to find work. So probably it takes a while to get out nepotism mode.

    And if you truly want the bollywood to come out of this trend they should actually the formula rest of India tried. “Educate their kids”

    Hope I someday see a movie produced by KJo where you acted or written or done whatever creative work that is. Take care. Keep calm. India is bigger than KJos, Gandhis, and Modis. So have fun, try to do your favorite things, help people, read gossip and write comments but make the exact point – that it’s high time India gets casting done right and gives opportunity all the folks out there whose hearts have beaten for this field.

    Good luck to you for all the things in life! Hope you dream for good things and get good things in return! 🙂

  27. Give us a break says:


    And guess what? A 360 transformation means 0 degrees – back to wherever one was. I suppose you meant some other degree transformation like 180 or 90. 🙂 Jokes apart, its true the poverty is everywhere when we define it as lack of money.

    So have you read Alia’s mothers post somewhere where she mentioned being relatively poor? I got it on my Facebook feed sometime and just read it out of curiosity due to it’s heading. So I guess people push forward and try to survive in their own economy or something. Also there is nothing wrong if someone gets influenced by their parents jobs or parents like their kids to achieve what they couldn’t. But talent should be a must in casting.

    But guess what I also read on Pinkvilla that KJo’s own production house is in loss in some comments. These days to avoid reading national news I read PV 🙁 Or else you can expect we ordinary folks here on this forums. 😀

    So I guess he is a stupid person thinking – casting star kids saves him marketing money or something. But whatever it is, why not you guys fight? See I don’t ever read that much of gossip indeed or watch so many movies (just by screaming headlines of PV like sites am angry and commenting this much) So why not you guys? I have no proof to fight KJo or expose KJo. So far he came across as a OK, stupid person to me.

    Anyway KJo would certainly make money for sure on that day when his promo can impress someone like me. So be sure many of us don’t bother and we get super angry if any gimmicks are pulled out for the promo of a movie. And that’s why a Moter India, DDLJ (haven’t watched it entirely but I guess that’s the most recent blockbuster catering to all classes of mass of all time from India, – seen KKHH it was a okay movie. JWM was better for me in that category i.e I only watch feel good movies. Dev D was a confusing horror which I watched in 10 mins at that point of time. Never tried to watch any of that kind of movies. Recently PK was OK) or the local hits like a regional movie in my state that made lot of Govt and other industrial workers leave their jobs and get into agriculture in the times I was not even born. But when I interact with down trodden people I see the massive influence and their love for that! So an impact-ful, great movie happens definitely but may not be in everybody;s lifetime. But that doesn’t mean industry should not make other movies. It;s the job of people who are well aware to put up a fight when ugly things are happening. Tell me what else I as an audience can do? I refuse to listen to gossip that doesn’t agree with my mind!

  28. Sunny says:

    Coming to think of PR for stars, I can list the below sites –
    1. http://www.pinkvilla.com/
    2. http://www.bollywoodlife.com/
    3. http://www.missmalini.com/
    4. http://www.koimoi.com/

    From these,feeds are also provided to major news sites like Times of India,Indian Express,Zee News etc.

    Can anyone list sites which I forgotten to mention?

  29. Ritu Sahu says:

    Talking About PinkVilla, @give us a break… That site has become the mecca for PR persons of celebrities… all the posts scream promotions and comments section is like a war zone between blind fans.. PV is a totally Pathetic site

  30. God_ShaReef says:

    Arrey chhod do KamBakhton, K Jo ka peecha…
    How boring.
    He’s K Jooooo…
    Koi kaaju nahi hai ke jisske bhi muh mein aaya, dabaa liya, khaa liya, CHOOS liya.

    K Jo aur unnka bhojan.
    Waah bhai waah, boht khoob.
    Jaane kamBakhat kis janam ki mui kutti pyaas hai ye.
    Jo bujhaaye naa bujhe aur lagaaye naa lage.

    Kya aapka KAAJU (cashew) bhi machal raha hai.
    Aapke andar ke God se, Shareef hone ko tadaf raha hai?

    Aapka God Shareef, jisske Kaaju mein bohot aag hai.
    Ek K Jo ki kasam!!!
    Sidharth ki kasam!!
    S Khan ki kasam!

  31. nefarious says:

    Biru has now moved to shruti hassan. That was fast 😀

  32. Colossial says:

    I have heard many things about KJO who have met him once. He is simple words hates middle class. He would not give you a single minute if he does not gets anything in return. Casting industry kids means having their parents and family at his disposal all the time. Casting a guy means casting couch. He is the king of gay casting couch.

    He clings with the super rich of Mumbai all the time. You can always find in the parties thrown by Ambanis, Birla and Godrej etc. He goes to this parties so he can create connections with powerful so that he can wriggle himself out of any problems.

  33. Give us a break says:

    Wow.. scary. God save the ordinary people. After reading so much about casting couch it feels scary to think how the situation is this bad in 21st century and globalized economy on top of it in an era of social media. I still hope these people are not that ugly. He wrote something on NDTV which entirely contradicts whatever is written over here. That would be so sad if he is that ugly businessman with cheap casting couch. Tell anyone who is into casting couch that whether he wears whatever suit boot and hobnobs with whoever, gives whatever gyan on social media or media, yet he or she is nothing but a ugly dhothi wala cheap ugly person shown harassing women as shown by their own B grade movies in 70s or so. Their class is only that much. Wish this is not really that ugly.

  34. TruthSpeaker says:

    @Colossial Thanks for your comment. It’s the absolute truth. He treats those whom he doesn’t deem upto his mark as dirt.

    For the first time ever I support a full ban on his film after the recent developments in the Country. Somehow the media keeps avoiding to acknowledge (thanks to KJo’s networking) that ADHM has not one but 2 actors from across the border. People have very conveniently forgotten about Imran Abbas starring as AS’s brother or something.

    He has 2 men most fancied by the Gay community in his film. You think those 2 just got the job without any reason? Ofcourse not. That has the couch written all over it. Even some Delhi Designers are more shameful than KJo.

    How do you think KJo got Piles? I think he made a crack about it on one of his “Woman in Distress” columns on NDTV or something. All the major Hollywood Production Houses have called it quits cause of the state of affairs here. The existing Actors and their kids got richer on the shareholders/common man money cause only they kept getting casted and no quality movies have been made in the last Decade or more that will go down in memory lane (barring rare exceptions).

    Times ahead look really tough for Hindi Cinema. These people have made a mockery out of it. They are just pulling wool over the eyes of the innocent little moviegoer by getting everyone high on undeserved fandom.

    Mark my words. Next up Fox Star which entered into a 6/9 film deal with Dharma will exit India. It’s the last of Hollywood Production that’s here. By then KJo will relocate to Paris or London or somewhere cause he will claim he has done enough by now or something and wants to live for himself now. When in reality numerous people will go bankrupt and he will take that as an excuse to come out and try being in a bad relationship with whoever is that unlucky to be his partner.

    Brace yourself for the upcoming black era. There won’t be any money to make movies. The amount of loss these people have generated in the last 2-3 years is going to make times really tough.

  35. Give us a break says:

    TruthSpeaker seriously you let kjo get too deep in your head.. so many people get piles due to lack of routine eating habits and the resulting gastritis.. don’t make us be ashamed man.. so many folks who burn out due to deadline pressures in corporates and even college curriculum pressure end up getting internal or external piles.. so I wonder how much we can trust you.. you bring some things which won’t hold ground.. are you telling me kjo worked hard 18 hours under terrible mentally breaking environment, compromising sleep and eating routine and got piles? Then we should appreciate him.. hey am just saying get over kjo.. fight him ethically but live your life too.. it will be fine someday.. and wishing bad doesn’t let anyone win any battle either. Its has to be direct fight..

  36. Sunny says:

    @Truthspeaker,can’t expect much from KJo. I have a feeling that his latest movie ae dil hai mushkil will flop at the box office. Later he will blame MNS guys for ruining the collection,when in reality it would have sank b’cause of poor story and execution.

    The trailer of ae dil hai mushkil didn’t impress me at all.Everyday an article appears about actors of this movie(throw back pic of Ash with Ranbir,throw back pic of Ask with Anushka etc) that are boring and not worth reporting.

    I really feel for Hindi film industry because this year except a couple of films,none have made profit.I have started watching movies from other languages especially japanese and am growing fond of them.

  37. TruthSpeaker says:

    @Give us a break

    I’m glad you’re trying to find good where none exists. I have no way of proving to you that that’s exactly how I am though I have faced nothing but odds thus far in life.

    I do not have the capacity to have an altercation with you. Nor am I trying to prove a point here. You’re the only one standing trying to defend him. Look around you. May God never give you lessons/reasons to opine the way others are on this forum and numerous others. This is my last response to you. Please have a good life in your bubble – I mean it. I’m sure at some level he’s a good guy who feels only wealth and good looks should exist in the world and only those who possess those should survive. Perhaps he is a new age Charles Darwin. That such good looks and wealth should be there for him to exploit the way he does! That art should be made a family business and wealth be distributed among those who control it. That there be no reward for real excellence cause what has been up there is not it by any stretch of imagination. However please do not insult global Cinema and those who made something of their own by learning about them. You are extremely knowledgeable where you are. Be good 🙂 Give me a break ! 🙂

    To others I’m reading somewhere that actually ADHM has most characters playing Pakistanis except RK. It is being re edited to make it appear as though they are from Lucknow. I have nothing against that. I just see it being an uphill climb for this movie.

    Let’s wait and watch what happens next!

  38. Give us a break says:

    TruthSpeaker, to be honest I do not want to trouble you or irritate to you by any means. I was just expressing my views. Isn’t it a free country? But sometimes I have not made an effort to help people when I could just because of confusion or immaturity. So I felt may be I can lecture you. So that you feel better 🙂 So truth may be harsh but guess what for me you are coming across like how you describe kjo. Like, you have a faith that nothing is good in life and it’s a bubble etc. I got nothing to say about that to personally. One more guy does that. KJo.

    But I see from a place where I can see everything. I used to wonder what’s wrong with Rekha to all the people like KR. All this complex messed up relationships and lives. Am not taking their names to not anymore tarnish them. But I realize that Bollywood or Hollywood in itself is another world covered by the boundary of media. So it has different dynamics within it. It has its own culture. As if it’s another world. That’s they think exists all over the world. That’s wrong. That’s why movies fail.

    I know it doesn’t work to uplift the humanity or society everyday but the case is it’s not possible. Have you ever heard of will power depletion? So is it. Talking about global cinema they have similar people and problem. Don’t even tell me about corporate cinema houses. Read the history of casting couch and tell me where it originated?

    India is facing a huge transition time which possibly you can’t understand if you have no clue about rural areas and small towns. So am sure it takes 100 more years to produce truly iconic movies. There is nothing like world class.. there are classics that happen. Talent that just walks in the times of worst crisis when mass is ready kick whatever non performing industry out. So if kjo dies making mediocre movies so is Anurag k. I winder why bother.

    Today what you define as best cinema is just what you have possibly seen as fed by European or Western media. Creativity can’t be such one dimensional thing so it’s going to be something else when cultural and economic wars break out in the next century. You never know capitalism may disappear in five hundred years. So the point is if your problem is kjo my problem is entire urban folks like you. Haha haha. Okay. Hey I just want to say effing get over your I have seen only bad life drama.. you are not kjo. That’s one reason you may like to get over it. Another is you just got to research what happened to your frontal cortex. You are not a god to waste your this life on kjo and some stupid world cinema blah as if you got another birth coming up to live your life. There is a saying that says that there is an age up to which you can blame parents. Similarly there is a very later age when frontal cortex gets developed giving humans a new opportunity.. and it’s a traumatic time. But there are only few years you can whine sitting over there. Just get the eff out of there. Your care and cocern couldn’t matter if you could not earn the power to live every moment as new. Get over past. It can enable you to do whatever you like.

    If you are a hopeless person yeah nothing is possible. If you are rich travel otherwise walk the gallis. Walk the roads. Watch people. They are doing much better despite cynical people like you all. 🙂 you would know how wrong you are sitting in your bubble comfortably, whining, addicted.

    I am just saying stop that kjo tag line of I have seen only worse in life. You can believe me as it appears you are not giving a chance to yourself to see the positive side of the world which almost 70%. Or else world would have been a more traumatic place.

    The simplest thing you can do to get over that way of thinking or any associated troubling pattern is to first believe there could be trillion minutes to get over that as you seem to not believe in anything but you can spend your one minute being positive. Everytime you are one min closer. The magic is sometimes if you could experience ten mins positively it can give a you leap of ten hours. Its exponential but effing indian media erased the wisdom of the land all the time desperately imitating west. Want to get struck where you are and bitch about and live your life? Oh sure. Why not. A lazy and indulgent person like kjo does that(based on what you said that’s what I can figure out about kjo). Indulge in your addiction of kjo enjoy and have fun. Need not reply man. Just take care. Btw I was here to see hoping my comment won’t get published as it doesn’t feel that good either to write here being a minority. Can’t believe things can be this worse. I hope something good happens to your Bollywood. 🙂 So have fun doing whatever you do. But I hope you get a better perspective and a happy life. Take care.

  39. Colossial says:

    KJO is a super smart businessman. He knows how to play with emotions of people specially audience.He has an intricate web of connections in bollywood, business and even in politics. Do not be surprised. He is the only producer and director to have a sucessful TV show and profitable business in fashion.

    KJO is generally polite with people whom he gives his time. He is obsessed with his social image. He will never throw drama or a fit around public.

    He is also protective of his friends and their familes. Remember when there was a rumour about SRK and PC affair, he along with Gauri got PC nearly kicked out of bollywood. PC still does not get casted in many roles in bollywood. She is now in hollywood.

    He actually encouraged such nepotism in bollywood that only children from filmy family, sports family and other rich family would be able to enter bollywood. All the not so good looking drama students and not so connected actors should forget movies from big production houses. I am sending a hint to all the actors who create PR drama using feminism, skin colour and anti India speeches. Sorry boss bollywood and big production houses hate you as you cannot invest crores in the first film like Siddharth Malhotra or Ranveer Singh did. Rest came through blood or booty connections. Even all awards are sold in this form.

    If you are not connected and are of no use then no one will even consider you for casting couch.

  40. Ironhide says:

    Siddharth Malhotra invested jackshit, his only investment was his booty to Karan. Ranveer Singh yeah, his family has money.

  41. TruthSpeaker says:

    @Colossial RS investing Crores is well known. I don’t think Sid comes from that sort of money to invest on a launch. Do you have any reasons to believe so? Most people and even some articles on this site (look up older articles on toyboys) are very sure as to what transpired for this launch to happen. & some of those people are Fashion/Film bigwigs!

    @Sunny I agree with all your responses!

  42. Sunny says:

    @TruthSpeaker.. thanks..

  43. TruthSpeaker says:

    Cause of people like KJo I end up feeling for someone in Sid’s position! What are the choices one has? To bow down to all this or go back home? I’m pretty sure he must’ve broken under pressure! He ends up getting such a bad rep whereas he’s one of the few people who cannot be called a child of nepotism! I hope he realizes this soon and distances himself from KJo and things that get him a bad rep. His career will get destroyed otherwise. Even teenagers go around discussing how he gets work!

    Whereas VD has still been able to salvage his fan following and credibility cause he moved away and worked with numerous other productions!

    Hearing some rumors about SOTY2 casting and the people in front of the line are all – you guessed it, Nepo Kids! Sad!!

  44. Jaypore says:

    good post

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