Katrina Kaif Dazzled in Manish Malhotra @ Couture Week

A personal opinion – some Indian designers do not take criticism sportingly. I feel they should and that way they can raise the bar higher. I have often been asked: 

  • “Do you have any problem with XYZ designer?’
  •  I ask, “Why do you think so?” 
  • “No you have been critical of his/her work”.
  • I say, “If I am critical of his/her work that doesn’t mean I don’t like him/her. It is purely the clothes.”

Yes guys there is nothing personal when a scribe opiniates critically.

Manish Malhotra had a grand show on the penultimate day of PCJ Delhi Couture Week 2012. And then he had boisterous support from B-Towners like Karan Johar, Suzanne Roshan, Sheetal Mafatlal, Kajal Anand and Shaina NC rooting for every creation of his from the front-row.

Malhotra’s collection was ‘pretty’ and I am sure he will mint money out of this collection. Katrina Kaif looked gorgeous in a gold lehenga with pink borders and skimpy gold choli. But Manish I thought the choli could have had a snuggy fit. Also the layering of sheer net or Tulle was bit dense that almost hid the ornate ensemble beneath. The layering could have been more sheer. Felt like the net layer was more a cover to protect the garment from dust. What do you say???

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