Gudda: “Am so happy for K Jo & Siddharth”

Am so happy to know that Rohit Bal occasionally reads my Blog.

And unlike most, Gudda neither submits ‘Anonymous’ comments, nor uses any ‘Pseudonyms’. He is outright and bold and comments from the heart.

Here is Rohit Bal’s unedited comment on the snippet ‘Karan Johar’s latest Toy Boy | Fashion Scandal’

rohit bal says:

November 22, 2010 at 8:11 pm  (Edit)

how wonderful.

am so happy for both of them

have known siddharth since he was a little boy

but did not know he is gay

god! should have tried my luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 Replies to “Gudda: “Am so happy for K Jo & Siddharth””

  1. anonymous says:

    That comment just sounds so wrong. In one breath he’s saying, “I knew him as a little boy”, in the other he’s saying, “i should’ve tried my luck.” Paedo! Gross.

  2. garima says:


    Btw..the Sidarth you wrote about is going to be launched in a movie produced by K.Jo…!

  3. payal sharma says:

    awwwww…. do telll……. email it to us………..

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