Lalit Modi Takes Note of Our 5-year-old story


Lalit Modi Tweeted:

LalitModi_fashionscandalLalit Kumar Modi (@LalitKModi)
01/07/15 9:33 pm
Like I said the other day it takes INDIA 3 to 5 years to wake up to my tweets – someone mentioned this now…

Fashionscandal posted a story on 15th May, 2010 and predicted that “Modi’s Pandora’s Box is extremely volatile and when it opens, all hell will break loose.” Here is the link:

10 Replies to “Lalit Modi Takes Note of Our 5-year-old story”

  1. krithika says:

    Hey Jack, why you never post anything about Rani Mukerji ? She is like Greta Garbo of Bollywood. Not much about her personal life is known. Could you throw us some dish ?

  2. God_Shareef says:

    Aye Krithika,
    How dare you forgot about our very own Greta “Gabru” of CRICKET???

    Rani to khatam ho gayi baba.
    Latkam Phatkam songs bhi nahi chale usske to.
    Young age mein kuch dikhaaya nahi.
    After 35 chull ho jaati hai, in the name of ARTS, when there are no takers.
    This Aiyyaa is now Maiyaa…
    Now she’s been gyrating on SOUTH INDIAN FLOP POLES like PrithviRaj Sukumaran.
    Kya MYSTIC reh gaya isska, jo tujje kahin chubbh raha hai Dear Krithika.

    Greta Garbo will always be someOne ala our very own Rekha.

    Rekha ka pata laga tu toh.
    Peeche bhi hawaai jahaaz mein baitthi pakdi gayi thi, ek lambe se aadmi ke peeche.
    Maaaaaaaaye GaaaawWwwwwwd.
    That was the pic of the last 3 decades!!!

    Aaj bhi usske liye inQuisitiveness barkaraar hai, teri, meri aur Lambu ki…

    Aapki God Shareef, ek BachChan ki talaash mein Aaiyaa Maiya kar rahi hai, jisse aaj tak koi L Mittal nahi mila 🙁

    Kya ab bhi aapke andar ki God, Greta “Gabru” L Modi ko dhoondh rahi hai???
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Vrushi says:

    Hii jack!Are ranveer n dp in an open relationship? :-O

  4. jack says:

    Only when DP gulps down some tequila shots. She loves Patron Tequila!!!

  5. Nisha says:

    hi jack..y haven’t you spoken anything about pc-srk affair yet??what’s going on with them?

  6. sunny says:

    Hello Jack sir, Hello God_Shareef, do you know if Sr.AB and Rekha are still in touch? and is Jr AB gay? I’m eager to know 🙂 Thank-you both

  7. namdeo says:

    hi sunny i donno answer to other parts of ur question but AB Jr. is definitely gay….

  8. sunny says:

    hi namdeo, thx for ur answer. But how do you know? Have you heard rumours or you have pakka info?

  9. VML says:

    Jack, apparently a local newspaper has some goss on Kannada actress Ramya and RaGa. Know anything about that? She lost the LS elections from Mandya last year. She was on a 2 month hiatus at the same time that RaGa took off. It could have been a coincidence, but one never knows.

  10. namdeo says:

    hi sunny ! refer the old posts at fashScan there s one on yash birla .. which talks abt chhota B being a bottom… also read on another website a story of similar kind….

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