One Commonality Between Narendra Modi And D&G – ‘Selfie Obsession’

modi-election-slefied&g_selfie2What is that one commonality between Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and Italian fashion label, Dolce & Gabbana? It is the ‘Selfie Obsession’ of NaMo and D&G. We all by now know about Prime Minister’s weird penchant for selfies but wasn’t really aware of Dolce & Gabbana’s penchant for selfies too. The Dolce & Gabbana’s fall campaign is all about SELFIES. The fall 2015 campaign of D&G has models including Ashleigh Good, Vittoria Ceretti, Esmerelda Seay Reynolds, Tami Williams and Sora Choi clad in the “Viva la Mama”-themed collection and taking Selfies.

fadnavisWhile addressing the nation with his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ PM Narendra Modi loved an idea of a Sarpanch from Haryana and said, “In Haryana, a village Sarpanch initiated a #SelfieWithDaughter initiative. I urge all of you, share a #SelfieWithDaughter. Also share a tagline that will encourage ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’,” Soon Modi lovers went crazy posting ‘Selfie With Daughter’ and crowded the social media space.

D&g_family_spaghettiBut then there are two huge differences between Narendra Modi and Dolce & Gabbana. The fall 2015 campaign of D&G has also ‘family’ and ‘spaghetti’ taking center stage. Narendra Modi is not a ‘family’ man. He is a bachelor who separated from his wife ages ago. (The Khaki Half-Pant donning Boyz Club has a big influence on NaMO.) I am pretty sure Modi hates ‘spaghetti ‘. He has a strong dislike of all things Italian courtesy Sonia Gandhi. In his many foreign trips, Italy has n’t yet found a place in his itinerary and the Italian Marines case is a big pain in the wrong place right now for the PM.

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