One Commonality Between Narendra Modi And D&G – ‘Selfie Obsession’

What is that one commonality between Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and Italian fashion label, Dolce & Gabbana? It is the ‘Selfie Obsession’ of NaMo and D&G. We all by now know about Prime Minister’s weird penchant for selfies but wasn’t really aware of Dolce & Gabbana’s penchant for selfies too. The Dolce & Gabbana’s fall […]


Shilpa Shetty & Baba Ramdev Bonding Over YOGA

The International Yoga Day on the 21st of June is keeping the TV anchors busy and the debates cacophonic. Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed and The United Nations accepted Modi’s proposal for an International Yoga Day and BJP is all gung-ho about it. Government has appointed Brand Ambassadors for the first International Yoga Day and […]


A Big Faux Pas

I do apologize for the huge faux pas committed by me about Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his shawl erroneously mentioned as a Louis Vuitton shawl. Thank you to all those who enlightened me. But tell me has Modi Ji not committed a faux pas too by landing in Paris draped in stole/shawl that looked very much like a […]


TALE of Modi’s TRYST with TROY’S Designer THREADS

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is finally heading off to the United States of America today. And yes he has got himself a ‘designer’ wardrobe designed by excellent designer for bespoke menswear – Troy Costa. Obviously Troy refused to say anything on him designing for the PM. Modi must have made him sign a ‘non disclosure’ […]