My Take on The just concluded India Bridal Fashion Week 2013

India_Bridal_Fashion_Week_Delhi_2013_-_Sonam_Kapoor_as_the_showstopper_for_Rohit_Bal_s_Collection_1Money can buy you big designers, movie stars to walk the ramp, overwhelming ‘paid editorial’ but money surely can’t buy you honest reportage and most importantly – finesse!

At_the_India_Bridal_Fashion_Week_-_Lisa_Haydon_as_the_showstopper_of_Tarun_Tahiliani_2The debut India Bridal Fashion Week 2013 in Delhi ended on Sunday and the only high-point about this six-day affair were two outstanding collections presented by Rohit Bal and Tarun Tahiliani. Amongst the limited number of shows that I attended, I also liked the collection of Ashima-Leena and Suneet Varma (barring a few ensembles).



Money wasn’t a constraint for Vijay Singh, the organisor of the event. Wish he would had spent a bit more to hire generators and additional air-conditioning. It was unbearable to sit at a show when you have to fan yourself with paper folders to avoid sweat trickling down your nose. And there was nothing ‘VIP’ about the so-called ‘VIP Lounge’ where designers hosted pre-show cocktails. A relative of a top-designer put it out on her facebook status how she was leched upon by a group of five lusty men as she sipped her cheap chardonnay. To score a drink from the bar was a herculean task, more so for women who had to dodge through opportunist sickos eying to brush the boobs or rub against their butts. Lack of proper air-conditioning and bad profiling of guests were an attack on my delicate olfactory senses courtesy pungent body odour.

In fact I overheard fashionistas repenting wearing a short dress or one with a plunging neck-line. Prominent persons like Sharmila Tagore, Suhel Seth and Rian Karanjawala were hassled by unheard of delays in starting of shows and the tacky crowd that crowded the ‘VIP Lounge’. Yes the delays in the shows were killing. With just two shows per night and with two Show areas, more than hour and half delays are unpardonable.

Why wasn’t there any profiling of guest? Why were random property dealers, shopkeepers and notorious gatecrashers crowding the event? I guess with sponsors like AMR and its owner Kapil Aggarwal, property dealers were essential evil. But a couture event is all about, class, finesse and snob-value. Bridal Week definitely lacked it.

Money can buy you ‘paid editorial’ and I heard people jokingly renaming two top Delhi supplements as ‘Bridal Times’ and ‘Bridal City’. But I saw the frustration of reporters and photo-journalists who were chasing to get comments and pictures of people who were supposed to be clicked as per the directions of Medianet and Brand Solution.

Lastly the ‘Bridal Expo’ segment of the week was lost amidst complaints and controversies.

2 Replies to “My Take on The just concluded India Bridal Fashion Week 2013”

  1. shalini says:

    Spot on!!!

  2. Eva says:

    I hated it, was so poorly organized, as you said no AC, it was hot as hell, maybe hell could have been cooler…BO level were very high.
    Dirty sleazy looking men, the way they stared make me feel raped…
    I went to Gudda’s show, hard to stay away from his genius, but swore I would not attend any other shows, as the experience was too painful…the madness at the door, the pushing…nothing classic about the event.

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