5 Replies to “Dazzlers @ Amazon India Couture Week 2015”

  1. God_Shareef says:

    You write for Sunday Standard!!!
    Its a London paper naa…
    Very nice.

  2. krithika says:

    Hey Jack and God_shareef , any gossip on John Abraham, his wife and his relationships ?

  3. God_Shareef says:

    Aye Krithika,
    I know today’s tabloid journalism is nothing but figmentation of frustrated banana “pussy” editors, but please for sake of brevity kindly spare SHAREEF (here John Abraham) people.
    Already I find lot of foolish inquisitive allergies where they are forcibly down pouring stale marshMellows ke Hey Jack, SRK ka kya hua with PC. Hey Jack Arjun ka kya hua.
    Usska kya hua. Isska kya hua.
    Abey tum log padosi ho kya unnke?
    Abey jabardasti mat kuch dhoondha karo yaar.
    Ye to fashionScandal.com hai, jahan different and original scooping hota hai.

    Better you all banana danglers, tight up your ass & EARS.
    Good Luck.
    Aapki God Shareef, jisse Rishi Kapoor Baba se aaj bhi darr lagta hai.
    “Only Vimal” Deepak Parashar ki kasam 🙂 🙂 🙂

    P.S. John Abraham is one of the nicest soul on this earth since the day i met him in ITC Maurya while strolling in his modeling days slippers during dopey dopey ProVogue ChaturVedi Show!!!
    Bhai FarDeen ki kasam.
    Soja ab to Krithikaaaaaa, mil gayi naa gossip, padh gayi naa teri thandi???

    Aapki behn ki deeni, God Shareef.
    Kya aapke Andar ki God “Being Human” hai?
    Better ask John or Vivek 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. gossipgirl says:

    guys can anyone solve this blind? http://www.9xe.com/bollywood-news/between-the-lines/4192/actors-london-liaison-with-a-married-woman who is this The woman who comes from a prominent Bollywood film family and has been married into an illustrious parivaa? Shweta? Riddhima?

  5. SS says:

    Ha ha god_shareef your comment made me smile – v entertaining .. Lekin koi batana nahi chahata pc-srk le baare mein! 🙂 mujhe sahi me jaanna hai- that’s the only gossip I have interest in – nothing else ! Arjun Rampal Gaya tel lene! Lol

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