Fashionscandal is Under Attack

Fashion-ScandalThis post is for those who are loyal to fashionscandal. The site has survived more than four years and will survive as long as I breathe. FS has been attacked by people who find the content exposing their dirt. People have blocked my server, bribed my server provider, hacked the site, swarmed the site with virus, filed numerous legal notices, loads of police complaints, hijacked my domain name and also used goons to beat me up. Yet against all odds I make it a point to keep alive. I go to courts to fight the legal cases, am summoned by police in three cities where complaints have been filed and every time a server is blocked , I pay and get two new servers. It costs me a lot, it is financially tough for me but I have taken the oath of keeping fashionscandal alive as long as I am alive.

logoRecently my detractors have adopted a new strategy to discourage me and that is maligning me by accusing me of indulging in monetary deals with people to keep them safe from FS. I hear this murky stuff, “Oh he has been bought over…” Pains me a lot as I have no revenue coming from the site. In fact I bleed to keep it alive. A designer’s better half says,He has cut deals so he can’t write.” Really dude??? I did not write about your freind’s dad’s nexus with scamster Abhishek Verma, who is rotting in Jail for Defence scams because the documents I had weren’t conclusive. If I can write about Robert Vadra’s link with DLF (in fact FS was the first to write about it) and Sachin Pilot’s separation, I can very well write about other politicians too. Here is the link to Vadra story:Robert Vadra and DLF Nexus, March 15, 2011:

Businessmen’s adulterous relationships are their problem and their wives’. I have written about them and done with it. If I don’t want to give them importance by writing more about them that doesn’t mean I have cut deals. It means, bloody losers don’t deserve to be on this site. But then the cocktail soiree enjoys the gossip that FS has sold its soul to this bloody money bags who cheat on their wives.

I know how much it hurts when four burly guys bash you up in the middle of the night. I know how much pain it is to deal with 23 legal cases that I am fighting in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Goa. I know how disheartening it is when I discover that my site is blocked by the server. I know how much money I have to pay to get a new server. I know the hassles of dealing with cops where big-shots have filed criminal cases against me. I know it all and I silently deal with them to keep fashionscandal alive. 

I had written about the sleaze in IPL long back: Real Zohal Hamid Who Accused IPL Player of Molestation February 11, 2013

IPL Night Fashion Shows are insult to Fashion March 19, 2010

Told U, “IPL Nights Fashion Shows r Sleaze Shows”. April 02, 2010

Suite#1724 @ ITC Maurya was where the ‘Real’ IPL After Party Rocked April 05, 2010

Just four days back all the news channels and newspapers screamed “Leela Group to Sell Delhi and Chennai Hotels”. I wrote about Leela Palace, Delhi to Sell way back in November 2012. Here is the link: Who has the guts to write about Ash-Abhi’s new house? Who wrote about dirty ‘Sugar Daddies’? Who wrote about K Jo’s toy-boy? Every other site takes off a story at the slightest of heat and FS fights for it and will keep on doing so.

51 Replies to “Fashionscandal is Under Attack”

  1. meena says:

    good for u. keep fighting.

  2. J says:

    U r indeed very brave!! Isn’t it somewhat dangerous though? What about getting a server abroad or even laying low for se time. Dunno who u r in person but I read your blog regularly. Pls take care.

  3. kz says:

    thank you for entertaining us but be safe mah dear

  4. shivani says:

    Keep fighting Jack..

  5. Richa says:

    Jack, you need some support from us? any kind? let us know!

  6. Kaveri says:


    We definitely enjoy reading Fashion Scandal. But isn’t this all a bit too dangerous? The people u write about have no ethics/morals. They wouldn’t think twice before hurting ppl like u who expose their dark world.

    Much as I love reading all this, have got to ask…is it really worth it?Risking your life, incurring financial woes??! It would have been ok if there was a strong arm backing you… But guess that’s not there either!!

    So then why do u stick your neck out?

    Don’t get me wrong…not recommending that you drop all this and go into hiding … Especially if this is what makes u tick…

    But reading all this was scary…. Whistleblower and crusaders lead a difficult life…are you sure you want to keep at it?

  7. sang says:

    OMG. feel very sad to know what u hv been thru. Be Safe Jack.
    it seems you know who r those Losers doing all this crap to you & FS.
    FS is the only blog we believed in, who cracked the stories first. you r the only one who has guts to write the truth about political ppl, rich spoil kids, abt BW and many others.
    Hats off to u. keep fighting and take care. 🙂

  8. Lovely says:

    Fashionscandal. Your audience is 100% behind you. Consider the way that Bollywood stars can manipulate and censor newsmedia and how easily they cave (e.g. Malini quickly forced to take down an item on KJo and Siddharth’s relationship status; PV and BL stopped from publishing blind items about SRK’s second marriage and property purchases for Priyanka) I can only imagine the kind of harassment and intimidation you are put through for outing the really Big Guns. We are ever appreciative, and urge you to proactively fight back. Bullies are the biggest cowards when they are directly taken on. This is more than just targetting a single website. Its about internet and media freedom in a democratic society. The public has a right to know – particularly about the questionable wheelings and dealings of their public figures. Let us know HOW your audience can support you. Also, please consider setting up some mirror sites for this blog. We all know something is not right when its down and we are concerned. May the Force be with you Fashionscandal! Keep telling us the truth like it is!

  9. arjun says:

    Kudos……guts to keep fighting when attacked from all sides….and shame to those indulging in violence

  10. dipsip says:

    We support u JACK, unconditionally!! I read your blog regularly and follow it like a bible!! If FS says it, then it must be true 😀
    Keep writing brave man!! But be safe. We need you and ur amazing FS. This world sucks with monied morons. They can buy anything under the sky except for brains and humanity. So risking ur life for such suckers is not worth it.

  11. LowYar says:

    We are alwz wid u bro…keep fighting…u ROCK

  12. neha says:

    don’t worry, we have your back. will do anything to support

  13. Kaveri says:


    Do u think ousting these guys on social networking sites will get them to back off???

    Once the tabloids get the whiff of it, all these instances of undue duress will be public knowledge … At the very least these jerks would temporarily back off???

  14. xly says:

    Would you consider Kaveri’s proposal about social media? While I recognize that the traditional media has been beyond disappointing and this blog may be the only outlet for you to disclose stories you have unearthed and keep your spirit whole, I do not wish this to become another “basketcase”. I support you. FS is more than entertainment and your loyal readers appreciate your efforts. Keep safe.

  15. Rohit says:

    You rock, have guts. Keep going.

  16. Riv says:

    Good Job !!!!!

  17. Nm says:

    Keep up the great work. Don’t let these bigots bring you down. We live in a democracy and have a right to freedom of speech.

  18. Kaveri says:

    I agree with xly. Don’t want FS to go basket case way!!!

  19. etios says:

    Jack, Your readers are with you and we also want you to be safe, so take care.

    Hope you can sort out the technical stuff like blocking etc, easily as censoring internet is not that easy. Also, keep a few local copies of the entire website on hard drives and even on cloud storage like Mega cloud storage etc which provide encrypted 50GB free storage. This way you can be quiet for some time if things go out of hand and be back all guns blazing later on.

    Also, can the readers help you in anyway financially? like some paypal link etc which we can use to donate, should help in covering your server costs.

    The tough thing is handling moneybags with political, police connection harassing you, i don’t have any idea about such things and anyways you should know better than me about such stuff, just keep calm and take calculated risks, bravery along with smart decisions should be your idea. All the best!!

  20. aash says:

    Love fashion scandal. I came across FS accidently but I’m hooked ever since. You really are brave for calling a spade a spade. Let us know, how we can help.

  21. Ruchika says:

    This week I had seen FS being down due to some server issues. I trust this post is in reaction to the same. I might not be fully aware of the reasons for the site being blocked by the server, but it appears that the reason was quite simple. May be in order to protect the identity, you have not just used a domain privacy service but have also ended up giving outdated (or not accurate) billing information and contact numbers. Based on ICANN policies, hosting companies are mandated to verify hosting details, failing which they are required to block.

    What you do is extremely bold, extremely plausible however you should understand that you are largely an anonymous blog giving scoops and scandals out under cover of masks. This is guerrilla warfare and you cant expect others not to attack you. Be realistic. you hit, they will hit back.

    I ain’t criticizing you, If you wish to protect yourself legally you should use the jump publish methodology. This will atleast ensure that you are protected legally – and from harassment, server blocks etc.

  22. Yug says:

    There he rises from the ash like a phoenix. Won’t say fight till your last breath and other such BS,, all it matters is fight till you care,,, as for any help legally, financially or any such just let know,, sure some could be of some help in some way,,, peace out bro,,, !!!

  23. yp780201 says:

    keep fighting dude. your stuff is always authentic

  24. Riha says:

    Jack, so much respect for you man! What an amazing job you! You do what most people would shy away from doing. I wont ever want you to be in harms way. As an ardent reader of your blog, I admire your tenacity to break the REAL news and not fabricated news but in this process I dont want to you to lose who you are to the people around you – your family, friends and your well wishers around the world. You have to be safe!!

  25. jack says:

    Ruchika I m aware if the new laws. In fact I provided all details including identity proof, residence proof etc. to my service provider in February.

  26. saveindia says:

    Want to host your website from US, just let me know. Your work is too important for us.

  27. jack says:

    Ruchika I m aware of the new laws. In fact I provided all details including identity proof, residence proof etc. to my service provider in February.

  28. FK says:

    Jack, why don’t you start a mailing list? it’ll be direct and unstoppable!
    Why don’t you expose the ppl who are trying to stop you? That in itself will be a deterrent for them.

  29. Kaveri says:

    How can we help, Jack?

    From the comments, am sure you realise that you have a formidable group of commentators who can make a tangible difference.

    Can u consider the below?

    Subscriptions from willing readers
    Re-location of server (as suggested by a reader above)
    Publicise the bas****s on social networks
    Anything other option?

  30. jack says:

    Kaveri I am overwhelmed…thank you all. I have taken few steps n will soon share more.
    Thanks for unconditional support.

  31. Colossial says:

    Jack just stay safe as we love your blog for us your safety is number one priority also.

  32. Ruchika says:


    Having worked in online publishing company which also focused on revealing secrets (more govt. than personal) I can understand pressures you face on daily basis. Especially from neo rich generation. Everyone likes to listen to gossip, but when its about themselves it hurts!

    You have email id, if you wish to discuss precautions that you may use, feel free to consult (of course using an anonymous email id of yours. )

    Take care, keep exposing.

  33. Beas says:

    As much as I like reading your blog, I wouldn’t want you to face such flak for it. Good luck, and stay safe! Whatever decision you take, we are with you.

  34. jack says:

    Thank you Ruchika.
    Will write to you soon through my real email ID.

  35. Frank says:

    Jack, you are an inspiration to fellow bloggers. A generation of real news seekers depend on the work you put out to get the facts and not some fabricated news story. What you do is ethical. Please do whatever you can to keep the site alive. You have a huge following. Take to social media, nothing deters them the way social media does. Keep your servers abroad. Freedom of press can’t be stopped by some cheap ass scumbags.

  36. Jasmeen Dugal says:

    Proud of you! Stay Safe.

  37. Ravi Kahtri says:

    Jack- I know it takes courage to fight against the mighty and crooks. I still remember you posts on Ambani son and Vadra.. It takes courage and you have it my friend. My best wishes for you and if needed will stand for you.

  38. $$ says:

    Jack, may God be with you.. this is true journalism and i hope it serves as a reminder to the many news channels out there!

    You are an inspiration – that you have to believe in yourself for people to believe in you!

    I cant imagine anyone else continuing on with exposes after exposes after so many lawsuits, money loss and beatings!

    Let us know how we can help you in any which way..

    Take care Jack! and dont work too hard>IF things are tough, we can understand if you want to take a break.. after all you are human and have a family!

  39. Shai-Shai says:

    When it comes to the raw gossip and the naked truth of this glittery world, IN JACK WE TRUST
    I am your fan… 😀

  40. jack says:

    Thank you Shai! Overwhelmed!

  41. ravi says:

    i am new but already a fan so pls be vigilant

  42. Ariana says:

    I have been a lurker for a year now and I have to say some of your stories takes Brass Cahoonas to write. Considering how murky and dirty and power crazty the Indian Glam/socialite scene is.
    Good for you and For all those detractors if you are doing Crap that is illegal and are ashamed of, maybe you should stop doing it instead of Bullying somebody who is exposing the truth.
    Keep at it Jack, you are the Indian Perez Hilton cum Joan Rivers rolled into one.
    More Power to you Bro.

  43. Ariana says:

    Oh JAck there are also legal stuff you can look into like, if your server is abroad, you are not legaly bound by the same laws. Shame on those Darn People who have emply goons to rough you up.
    these are the same people who employ 6-7 year old kids to work for them and have no soul and no heart. SHAME !!!

  44. Sri says:

    good job!! Let me know if you need any kind of help be it financial to keep the site up and running

  45. twenty something from staten says:

    Hey jack,

    I am a long time lurker. After reading the above post I could not stop myself from commenting. As a regular reader of your blog it pains me immensely to know that you are physically,mentally and legally harassed. Your blog is “THE” discussion topic of our group. If you need money or anything please do not hesitate to ask.

    A fan girl

  46. feisty says:

    we love you for what you write..please carry on!!!
    also , take help of smart IT folks based in US to see if anything can be relocated so you face less hassles in india

  47. Trix says:


    Doing the right thing in India, is almost impossible. We understand how tremendous the pressure on you must be and we support you to keep writing. You are doing the impossible.
    There is nothing much we the readers can do except express how much we need you to keep writing.
    You need to make your voice louder and stronger, the Social media idea will help to do just that. So consider it.
    Meanwhile, wishing you the courage to do what you do best, exposing the underside of everything sleazy.

  48. Neelam says:

    Jack….we are with you…..its more than gossip….you show us the truth behind the glitzy glamor and the greed seeps through… you are an inspiration to many… . big fan here…and I know I will even pay to read your blog

  49. Ahot says:

    Stay strong dear Jack,
    Karma´ ll get those trying to harm you. But please, be careful, we´d hate to see you in harm´s way. :*

  50. Ankita Karwa says:

    Hats off to you… Take care…

  51. Arnab says:

    ull get into an accident for no reason soon
    be accessible to an ambulance

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