FashionScandal Broke the News on No wait-list for Birkin

Folks don’t mind if we bask in the glory that fashionscandal was the first to break the news about no more wait-list for the coveted Birkin Bag on 27th of April 2010. Now it’s official: As per Huffington Post, “Hermes Australia Says Birkin Bag Waiting List Was A Hoax.”

It reports, “The Hermes Birkin Bag recently got rid of its wait list, but according to author and Huffington Post blogger Michael Tonello who talked to SheFinds, there was never a waiting list to begin with. A reporter from a U.K. magazine told Tonello that Hermes Australia said there never was a waiting list for the coveted purse. Tonello, who traveled the world buying up Birkins and selling them on Ebay, tells us, ‘The only thing Hermes was ever “waiting” for was for someone to drop a bunch of money on non-Birkin items, (like shoes, scarves and belts) and then they’d offer them a Birkin, almost like a reward. The woman suddenly feels like a VIP, and Hermes turns a very large sale by adding a $9,000 bag to it. Shameful, in my opinion’. Tonello says that he and his associates managed to get their hands on a bag after buying a bunch of things in the Hermes store.”

14 Replies to “FashionScandal Broke the News on No wait-list for Birkin”

  1. Beth says:

    Let’s talk for a moment about what a travesty of functional design the Birkin is. What an utterly idiotic clasp design. This is why you never see a photo of the bag being carried locked. The only time you see one locked is when it’s an ad photo. What is the purpose of locking it? So that no one will rummage through it when you fall asleep in your business class seats on your flight? Laughable as you don’t often hear about business class passengers pilfering each others belongings. Otherwise when would you lock it? WHY would you lock it? Even when it’s unlocked the clasp is inconvenient and clumsy which is why you most often see photos of the clasp dangling and the key and chain are just there for design…again…stupid. I declare this bag stupid. Officially. I have had much more use and ease from some of my Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton bags. Hell, I can buy purses at Target that are more functional and attractive than the Birkin. It’s all about the show isn’t it?

  2. Anthead says:

    Beth, I completely agree. Actually I’m in awe of Hermes’ marketing prowess. It manages to charge astounding mark-up for its merchandise while convincing the insecure wannabes in awe of the label that somehow they are buying into a piece of French upper class cool. Think about it – Hermes loses money on almost every other division but more than makes it up with what it makes on leather goods to post a 25 per cent operating margin. Funny innit?

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