Couturiers Cheer-Up. Positive News in Store for DCW.

When I BROKE THE NEWS on that, ‘Couture Week is in Troubled Waters’ as the Title Sponsor – Pearls backed out from the Couture Week because of impending matters with the Enforcement Directorate, the aspiring new couturiers in the add-on afternoon slot cried MURDER. No I won’t blame all the five designers who were to showcase in the afternoon slot, but couple amongst them started weaving conspiracy theories. This is the biggest problem plaguing the Indian Fashion Fraternity. Everybody sees a conspiracy somewhere or the other. Instead of being positive and trying to work towards helping get a new sponsor, the couple of designers complained, – “It’s Not Fair.” Well dearies, falling out of a sponsor at the last minute wasn’t somebody’s doing. It was unforeseen.

Anyway the five new couturiers who were to be part of the Delhi Couture Week 2011 in a newly created afternoon slot have now reasons to be happy. I have learnt from highly reliable sources that the ‘Sponsor’ issue has been sorted out. It will take a couple of days to formalise it and hopefully by the 6th of July when the FDCI Board meets  on the return of its President, Sunil Sethi from London, things would be crystal clear. So don’t worry, be happy. Thank your luck that there are still some hardworking people associated at the helm of affairs in FDCI who don’t give-up!Every other designer wants to be in the Couture Week. In fact some feel that if Delhi Couture Week maintains a slot of 10-14 designers, the upcoming ones will never get a chance. True but then have a bloody strong and competent Jury who will decide these 14 names judiciously, irrespective of clout, network and influence of free clothes. And yes, every designer who makes lehnga-cholis think they deserve a spot in Couture Week. Really?

P.S: Anyway now that the news is out, you will get the details in Newspaper Tabloids soon!

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  1. VK says:

    So agree with you J on the biggest problem plaguing the fashion industry. In the courese of my decade and a half entrepreneurial career, I’ve worked with designers and professionals from many other industries– but the designers are different in the sense, the ‘majority’ never ever want to help anyone in the last minute with resource mobilisation, or contribute anything for the development of the industry– all they’re obsessed about is their own fashionista and bollywood clients– only if and when this obsession ends, will the Indian fashion industry be a truly better place to work in!

  2. Beth says:

    I still think they need to include foreign designers. I have a friend who is an amazing designer. She lives in Delhi and is married to an Indian but of course being western she was turned away from Delhi Fashion Week. This is a mistake and I think will eventually be a fatal one to the industry here. C’mon India! Open it up, thrive!

  3. Beth says:

    Oh and FS? 😉 We are moving to England in a few weeks after 7 years in your fair (and occasionally unfair) country but I think I’ll still keep reading your column.

  4. jack says:

    Thanks Beth!!!

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