LVMH Suck Up To Donald Trump

trump_bernard-arnaultwintourLVMH CEO Bernard Arnault met with the President Elect, Donald Trump at Trump Tower on Monday evening. Arnault’s LVMH Group is the biggest fashion empire in the globe and has top-notch labels in its portfolio. This was Trump’s second big meet with the fashion fraternity after Anna Wintour of Vogue met with him on Friday. What happened to all that denouncement of Trump by the fashionistas pre-election? Guess they want to be on the right side of ‘power’ unlike Meryl Streep and Robert de Niro!

Bernard Arnault said, “We may expand our factory that we have in California and build one either in Carolina or in Texas.” Arnault went on to explain that Louis Vuitton has owned a factory in San Dimas, California for about 25 years and might “expand because of the success of the product” that has been produced there. Arnault’s son Alexandre accompanied him to Trump Tower.


Interestingly, the designers of two LVMH-owned brands — Marc Jacobs and Kenzo — have spoken out against Trump and declined to dress incoming First Lady Melania Trump.

2 Replies to “LVMH Suck Up To Donald Trump”

  1. Jaanu says:

    Shameful I for one will boycott LV.

  2. Alcie says:

    As if they would open factories in the U.S unless there is some concession for doing so. Let’s face it, the biggest buyer of luxury goods are Chinese!

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