Anna Wintour Hosted a Fundraiser for Prez Obama

Now this is something that is unthinkable in India – A Fashion Editrix hosting a Fundraising Dinner for the Country’s Premier. In fact the very concept of ‘Fundraising’ is alien in Indian politics. Here the political parties still resort to huge under the table donations by Corporate Houses and Individuals to fund their election campaigns. The infamous Reddy Brothers of Mining-gate funded the BJP in their election campaign. Obviously they were rewarded with cabinet berths and lot more.

Anna Wintour of Vogue and Harvey Weinstein and his wife Georgina Chapman (better known as the designer of Marchesa) hosted an exclusive Fundraising Dinner for President Obama at Weinstein’ house in the West Village, New York. Flattering his audience with the line, “This is a pretty good looking crowd,” President Obama made time for a few remarks, some serious (talk of the debt and the global economy) and others less so — he quipped that the 2012 election is different than 2008’s because voters are now thinking, “Obama is gray haired, he doesn’t seem as cool.” 

The gathering was glamourous and small with the ticket’s costing as high as $35,800 per person. But it ensured real high-profile attendees. There was Gwyneth Paltrow, Vera Wang, Alicia Keys and Tory Burch amongst the 50 guests at the Weinstein House Fundraising Dinner.

I won’t be surprised if in future I see Anna Wintour running for Mayor of New York!

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