Harvey Weinstein Slapped @ A Restaurant

Harvey Weinstein was on the receiving end of two backhanded slaps to the face onTuesday night at Elements restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona. Harvey Weinstein’s name has become synonymous with sexual assault after years of alleged misconduct led to dozens of accusations from high profile actresses. His outing sparked a ripple of change over Hollywood, an industry accustomed to powerful men getting their way and forcing women into silence. It’s quite hard, apparently, to show your face in public once it becomes a symbol of oppression.

Weinstein was dining at Elements restaurant in Scottsdale with his ‘Sober Coach” when a guy named Steve approached him and asked for a photo that Weinstein declined. Steve and Weinstein shook hands and sat down, but this video shows what happened when they were both leaving the restaurant around 9 PM. You clearly see and hear Steve make contact twice on Weinstein’s face, as he calls Weinstein “a piece of s***.” Here’s the video: http://www.tmz.com/videos/0_uwmzh1gc

Harvey Weinstein is currently residing in Arizona as he undergoes rehabilitation for sex addiction. Active investigations into Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct and abuse are ongoing in cities including Los Angeles, New York and London.


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  1. Deepak says:

    any such action against members from our Indian Film Industry??

  2. Genelia says:

    whats happened to all the delhi Mumbai gossip – seems to have all gone v quiet

  3. Genelia says:

    how comes you no longer post about delhi Mumbai socialites

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