13 Replies to “VIP Rage @ Theatre Near You”

  1. Rocksone says:

    Who are these people

  2. Vee says:

    Amongst all this, how Modi came in to the picture? It is too much from all these Lutyens Libtards to bring his name into anything and everything. If it meant for law & order, should it not be Kejriwal first and then center.

  3. BNS says:

    what random fuckery is this? And seriously why bring Modi into this you libtards?

  4. FK says:

    Really why bring Modi into this? these type of people have been around for decades. It’s nothing new.
    And why is this firangi interfering?

  5. Bhola says:

    Bhakts are getting angry!

  6. BNS says:

    Don’t be a bhola, Bhola. Watch the vid, its the libtards getting angry !

  7. Bhola says:

    I meant, bhakts getting angry in the ‘comments’ section. That’s what bhakts do, spill outrage in the comments all over the internet, when they hear against their trimurti (साहब, jaitley and gangster) Don’t worry about my bhola-pan.

  8. Suman says:

    What’s wrong in the lady filming it. These guys na..just because you’ve got money or clout doesn’t mean you can intimidate people and push them as you please. Kudos to the expatriate lady who stood up against the guy.

  9. Rocksone says:

    Who are these guys

  10. kenden says:

    actually its not Modi fault. its Trump and Putins fault. 🙂

  11. Vidor says:

    This fat bastard was trying to hit the women in the theatre, and apparently is the owner of FIIT JEE, D.K GOEL. Thinks he is a gangster, hs security tried intinimade everyone once he was asked to leave. People like him should be arrested.

  12. Truthseeker says:

    Lol…Libetards and their farts !

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