The ‘Gold Digger’ Mistress of Delhi Industrialist

Tomorrow, i.e  on the 1st of December 2010, I will bring to you the sordid tale of the Delhi Industrialist’s mistress’ ‘gold-digging’ ways. Madam Nina J, who is a small time caterer, has amassed huge wealth and enjoys luxuries of life courtesy her relationship with the gullible industrialist. But that isn’t all, the greedy mistress nurses an ambitions of getting her son (from her legal husband) a stake in the industrialist’s ventures.

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  1. payal sharma says:


    i just love your website….

    i’ve posted some info from your website on pinkvilla… obviously in the credits i have mentioned fashion scandal.

    The one post I created on pinkvilla reg arjun rampal , pinkvilla deleted it … hahahah…. i think it was too hot for them. I had mixed the info on him from your words and some of the comments..

    Why don’t you contribute to pinkvilla as well….. more people will be aware of your blog. Although i wrote the credit as fashion scandal it only appears towards the end…

    well… anyways im gonna try and promote your blog on PV… i will mention it in the comments … ppl just HAVE to know abt you….

  2. straightforward says:

    why have you deleted some recent posts on jaipurias?? threatened????

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