New Sugar Daddy’s Sugar Crying Foul

Raja Dhody_Rupika ChopraI recently posted about a new Desi Sugar-Daddy – Raja Dhody and his wannabe playmate Rupika Chopra.

Raja & RupikaSugar Daddy-Raja & Sugar-Rupika ChopraEvidently the Punjabi KudiRupika Chopra has gone aggro and denying any truth about my post. But then at fashionscandal only hard truths are published and all stories are posted only after thoroughly verifying facts. Miss Chopra may be feeling the heat but then that doesn’t make the news false. To substantiate my story I am posting pictures of Rupika Chopra and Raja Dhody, which aren’t morphed and she may get them tested from any forensic lab about their authenticity.

in fact if we start writing about Rupika Chopra’s exploits in Delhi, this site will become an ‘Adult Site’. Madam you are welcome to challenge the facts!

19 Replies to “New Sugar Daddy’s Sugar Crying Foul”

  1. God_ShaReef says:

    Cheek-aa Choomaa to khair APNO KE SAATH hi hota hai…
    Nice & Solid Proof
    Par I afraid she might be called in BiggBoss as some wild-cold-whatever entry.
    Sahi deekra maari ye Mulgi re…
    Aye Jack
    Tum kaahe ko isse itna publicity diya man.
    Last nite someone told me that this Raja of Randies (I think some punkie band na) is too much obsessed with peeche wala samaan.
    Hope this punjabi kudi will not be thrown out very quickly in UNNATURAL way.
    Pher kaun poochega isse.
    Ye Mallua gang wale hain hi aaise.
    Saala UNNATURAL log.
    Koi bola Sid…
    Pata nahi yaar
    Ask Dippy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anthead says:

    Raja must be getting desperate in his advancing years :). He used to be married to Rita and Queenie (who looks mummified now but was quite a looker back in the day). And he moves on to this?? She’s fugly!

  3. Ajay Relan says:

    For your information works for me in my PE fund and is listed on my website as well!

  4. Stalker says:

    King of the fucking universe… SMH, I’m probably 25-30 years younger than him and I would be embarrassed wearing that stupid tee.

    Not being crude, but he seems to have bigger tits than her.

  5. Shilpa says:

    Hi Jack,

    I have been lurking on your site for sometime now. Reading the archives, I came across a reference to Bollywood Basket. It used to be my favourite site. Do u know why it closed down?

  6. jack says:

    Shilpa thanks for lurking!
    Bollywood Basket shut down as they couldn’t deal with legal hassles and threats like we do.

  7. Shilpa says:

    Thanks for responding Jack. I love ur site too. Had come here from BB. This is now the only one site that tells it like it is. Sad that BB could not sustain. May your site thrive and live to tell the tale for s lon long time.

  8. Lovely says:

    Keep up the scandalous blog. Luvvit!

  9. jack says:

    Thank you Shilpa 🙂

  10. jack says:

    Thanks Lovely!

  11. Jasleen says:

    What is God_ShaReef talking about?

  12. vml says:

    Shilpa/Jack, BB did not close down because of legal threats. BC (Basket case) had an issue with legal hassles once but that was resolved. BC went through some personal issues because of which the blog was closed. BC could not keep up with the blog while dealing with personal issues. India Forum has/had a long thread on BB closing down and BC clarified on why the blog was shut down. Hope BC is doing better now.

  13. God_ShaReef says:

    Aye JasLeen
    Me just confronting, evaluating, defending …. mmm & just reading your post (mentioned above)…
    You donno who Mallua is…
    Jaa jaake Sid se pooch…
    Tere paas yacht hai… tere paas wahan pe tattoo hai…
    Tere paas diwaaliya daddy hai… par tere paas ab Dippy nahi…
    Kyun kyun kyun…
    Tu kyun itta unnatural nikla re

  14. Lovely says:

    Your blog makes MissMalini look totally lame! Keep up the scoops! May the force be with you!

  15. blah says:


    Because MissMalini steals content from here! Jack is awesome!!!

  16. Etios says:

    @jack: Please post the Delhi exploit , just don’t use her name directly if it helps legally 🙂

    @God_ShaReef: Post clearly, yeh paheli kya bol rahe ho, atleast share in comments.

  17. God_ShaReef says:

    Aye “Etios” to sunn le
    Saara zamaana
    Peeche ka deewana
    Naya ye to trend hai…
    *Deepak Parashar (India’s first super model/ VIMAL guy / Nikaah wala Talaaqi khasam)
    Naya “kahan” ye trend hai…
    *Deepak bhi tha ek Chintoo ka deewana…
    Saala aap log unnatural nahi jaanta
    KingFISSURE nahi jaanta
    Chee chee
    Sid kahin ka

    Sent from Samsung tablet

  18. Vineet says:

    God_ShaReef u are fantastic..but Parashar and Chintoo were the feather of same bird…woh alag baat hai Chintoo did not gave any bhav to Parashar because Chintoo had his own Gang…who consist Jumping Jack, Roshan etc. ooff! those Bomgay days..

  19. Peas says:

    Raja Dhody’s latest facebook posting announcing his breakup …….. Now seriously , who does that!

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