What’s keeping Ramola Bachchan busy?

Ramola Bachchan, the estranged wife of Big B’s bro. Ajitabh Bachchan has loads of leisure time. She is no longer with the resto-bar Manre coz she burnt holes in the pockets of the real investor, a loaded paaji from Amritsar. The place had a huge operational cost and never really did take off. Contrary to popular perception, Ramola wasn’t the part owner of Manre. She was rather the operating partner with sweat equity. But the blunderous performance costed her that too and apparently the settlement from Ajitabh wasn’t good enough to make the promised investment in the project.So what’s Ramola Bachchan doing? Well she’s doing the best thing she knows – hobnobbing with Delhi’s lunching ladies and that too the ‘C’ Grade ones. She has joined the brigade of enterprising aunties who are ‘Hosts on Hire’. Last we know she did a lunch for a wannabe jeweller where the attendance was more wannabe than the jewellery designer herself!

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