Newest Wannabe in Town to Trot with Bodyguards

In Delhi the rich brats have this weird desire to hire Private Bodyguards and mind you, these guys are least likely to need one. It is a kind of ‘status symbol’ for nouveau riche and the the wannabe kinds. The worst part is, these wannabes love to flaunt these safari-suit clad, walkie-talkie carrying security guys and take them along every where and even insist that they be allowed inside a nightclub or a bar. On the contrary I have seen Rahul Gandhi making it a point that non of his SPG personnel walk-in with him at a club or a restaurant even when he has a genuine security threat. This is what is called ‘class’.

The newest wannabe flaunting bodyguards is none other than Arjun Prasad, better known as stylist Pernia Qureshi’s husband and Moin Qureshi’s ‘Ghar Jamai‘. I spotted him (minus Pernia) at Aqueel’s club – Hype with couple of safari-suit clad bodyguards hovering around him wherever he loitered. It was at Hype where Arjun Prasad misbehaved with Robert Vadra blabbering, “I want this guy off my table”, pointing out at Rob. But sadly it was Pernia and Arjun who were not only taken off the table but were ousted from the club. 

So dear Arjun, who are you scared of? What prompted the need of Bodyguards? Or is it the case of creating an impression that you are somebody important? Come on dude, these tactics don’t work no more!

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  1. Nobody says:

    Interesting. Are u doing a post on the so-called ‘Royal Robbery’– Model Anjhula Singh vs Deogarh Royals.

  2. mike1 says:

    My dreams of having a pvt hired guards have just been
    Shattered … Damn … Can’t be a wanabe gangstah !! Oh well

  3. Anthead says:

    @Nobody – This is a story I’d like to hear! Jack please do tell. This Anjhula character is intriguing to me – what’s her deal?

  4. Rahul says:

    Anthead, u’re right its surpirsing that Jack has not talked abt her yet. A friend of a friend told me this. She tells people she is from the Royal family of Baiswara but there exists no place called Baiswara in Rajasthan!

  5. Amit says:

    Check out this load of bull from Anjhula:

    All untrue… she didn’t want to pay – simple. Even the caterers, florists etc. weren’t paid the full amount.

  6. K says:

    @Amit, just read this… u’re right, big big bunch of lies here.

  7. jasmeen Dugal says:

    Passing comments against someone without evidence to substantiate it will not change the reality. Very disappointed that such biased comments are being posted without checking both sides of the story. Jaydeep, am deeply disappointed.

  8. jasmeen Dugal says:

    Rahul, New York-based Anjhula Singh Bais is a supermodel, psychologist, social activist, Buddhist, philanthropist, Rajput and media personality. Regarding your comment “no place called Baiswara” you could update yourself here:
    Don’t crucify someone without knowing all the facts, from both parties. Hear her side of the story. It may provide a different dimension.

  9. jasmeen Dugal says:

    I have interacted with Anjhula for years now. Anjhula has NEVER spoken of her family being royal; she has always maintained humility by saying she is not anywhere near jodhpur, jaipur, udaipur, or jaislamer! That’s why when TOI published the wedding coverage, she made sure they stated thakur, which is her father’s title. She hails from Banswara in Rajasthan. It EXISTS. Let’s forget about payment for a second as that’s completely secondary to the fact that you CANNOT HOLD A GUN AND MAKE SOMEONE PAY. If the consumer courts said you owe someone ‘X’ amount of money, I can confidentally say she will pay before even her own university tuition.

  10. Savithri says:

    Hi Amit, were you at the wedding? I was and I didn’t have any place to stay the first night, the tents were not operational. Kind of a big deal when you consider your guests don’t have anywhere to go. Oh and my generator never worked!

  11. Vandana says:

    Jasmeen, you say ‘Anjhula has NEVER spoken of her family being royal’. Really? Pl visit her website which announces “Anjhula’s paternal side hails from the erstwhile royal family of Baiswara of Rajasthan while the maternal side is from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow”. U are right there is a place called Banswara in Rajasthan, but there is no place called Baiswara.

    And yes, just becoz I’m educated (or a supermodel) does not mean whatever I state has to be true (someone held a gun and made me pay), please get the version of the Deogarh Royals too.

  12. Anthead says:

    Well, what about this article that claims that the Rawats of Deogarh are close family friends (giving the impression that they were basically providing the venue for free).

    All I know about this girl is her relentless self-promotion. Which I guess is fine if you’re in the entertainment biz.

  13. Nathan says:

    I read the other links. Hmmm maybe someone didn’t want to pay but you have to ask why? Did the Royal family of Deogarh adhere to a contract? Probably not. Nobody listens in India. I have had so much trouble with hotels, stores, airlines and it seems the police are not much better. The link is in a major newspaper, so I’m sure at least the journalists know what they are talking about and there is credibility.

  14. Ruchita says:

    I have never heard of this place Deogarh until this blog so I looked it up. It’s always interesting to hear the opinion of a foreigner, away from all the Indian squabbling. Here’s a link of a review written in 2006. This experience unfortunately sounds very similar to the above Times of India links on what happened. Given there are many more good reviews, but all it takes is one horrible one to be life changing or a waste of time.

  15. Himangi says:

    I don’t agree with Rahul. I have modelled with Anjhula for years and had no idea about her education or where she came from until I received the invite which I couldn’t go for because it was over fashion week. And than I read in the papers about her wedding and even than she didn’t talk about anything when we did a press conference recently.

  16. Shreya says:

    First of all, I dont see the link between this article and the comments! People love to go off tangent – which is fine I guess. But to mouth off someone without much context is simply obnoxious.
    I have personally known Anjhula for a while and – no, i’m not a model or anyone from that industry. I have known her in a completely different capacity – where I have seen her grounded and humble. She is an extremely fair, principled and most importantly a person with a good heart – who is constantly on a mission to be and do good. I have tremendous respect for her as a human being.
    I have to admit, stereotyping sans reason, context and proof is just…. lame.

  17. prianka says:

    Funny how these newly weds are all an act, Delhi talks and its all just for sake of being a socialite, many pity them.
    Just goes to show money doesn’t buy class but apparently it buys you a one way ticket on your wifes’ families assets. I hope Pernia realizes what she has got her family into???
    Delhi girls

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