Ghulam Nabi Azad’s Son To Wed DLF Supremo’s Grand-daughter

The Union Health Minister and Congress Party veteran, Ghulam Nabi Azad’s son – Saddam Nabi Azad is all set to tie the nuptial knot with Savitri Singh, the grand daughter of DLF head-honcho, K. P. Singh. Saddam and Savitri met and fell in love when they were abroad studying. Though the families not keen initially, got the couple engaged.

Saddam Nabi Azad and Savitri Singh got engaged on the September 11, 2012 in a very low-key affair. Why??? Well by then the DLF-Robert Vadra nexus had hit the roof and either families didn’t want more trouble coming their way. Savitri Singh, daughter of Rajiv Singh currently handles the nightclub Anidra at The Aman Hotel. Not much is known about what Saddam Nabi Azad does.

Sources say that post marriage Savitri and Saddam will move into the posh Lutyen’s Delhi bungalow that Savitri’s dad, Rajiv Singh bought from Samir Thapar at an astronomical sum of Rupees 300 Crores. Read more about it here:

By the way, Ghulam Nabi Azad served as the Urban Development Minister between May 2004 to October 2005. I am sure with that experience, the Samdhis will hit-it-off very well!

12 Replies to “Ghulam Nabi Azad’s Son To Wed DLF Supremo’s Grand-daughter”

  1. rohan says:

    looking forward to hear some sensational breaking news about this nexus from Team Arvind Kejriwal

  2. pawdur says:

    Connect the dot’s — > Ghulam Nabi Azad’s son Saddam — > Saddam engaged to DLF’s KP Singh’s grand daughter Savitri –> DLF & Vadra ?

  3. Maybelline says:

    Another ghar jamai and goold digger for K.P.Singh

  4. Maybelline says:

    Delhi times literally copied this news today.

  5. rnit says:

    Dont know how it happend but first time hearing marriage between two opposite community and religions– hariyanvi gujjar girl with a kashmiri muslim boy –looks complicated !

  6. jack says:

    yeah this guys at Delhi Times are rather shameless and had been doing it often. They did not just copy the story but also copied and used the pictures from this blog.
    Anyway I’m happy that readers like you noticed it and mentioned it!!!

  7. SANJIV says:

    the guy doesnt do anything …he’s a wht i hear….

  8. Dw says:

    Who cares ? Let them do what they want to .

  9. rajiv malhotra says:

    God bless the couple.Marriages are made in heaven.

  10. shiraz khaki says:

    sadam did mistake he mixed religion with politics still may allah peace in marriage life

  11. Saiyed Nawaz says:

    Bhai shadi dhoom dham se karna

  12. ramcharan says:

    i never expected that this type of things will also happen in vip and vvip families because most of indian billoniares follow their olden ethics and gives respect to their relegion.

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