DLF Emporio ‘Haat’

dlf-emporioWe were proud of DLF Emporio as a real ‘Luxury Mall’. The luxury mall in Mumbai, the Palladium was not even a shade of DLF Emporio and in no way was a ‘Luxury Mall’. But last Saturday when I visited the DLF Emporio, I was appalled to see racks of clothes hanging at the atrium of the prestigious mall.

dlf_Emporio Haat2Etro was holding a sale at the atrium of DLF Emporio and was manned by shabbily dressed people. It was blot on the image of Emporio. The premium rentals the tenants of DLF Emporio pay is for the luxuriant ambiance Emporio had. Rack of clothes on sale with tacky signage displayed all over made the DLF Emporio give a feel of ‘Haat’.

dlf_Emporio Haat1Revenue is important for everybody but when a mall is projected as the most luxurious mall of India, it has to follow a system that doesn’t erode the image. Earlier I have seen luxury cars on display at the atrium but a sale of clothes at the atrium has definitely eroded the image of DLF Emporio. I sincerely hope that the DLF Management – Ms. Pia Singh and Ms. Savitri Singh take note of this matter.

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