Capital’s Lucky Ghar-Jamais

I seriously envy the Ghar-Jamais. They aren’t born with a silver spoon but definitely married with a platinum one. The typical Ghar-Jamai is a son-in-law who moves in with his wife to the father-in-law’s house (or in a house bought by the father-in-law) and eventually joins the pop-in-law’s business empire. Nothing wrong about it. I am simply jealous!

Now who are the Top Ghar-Jamais of Delhi? Well the first name that comes to my mind is that of Timmy Sarna who married the heiress of the DLF Group, Pia Singh. Before marriage Timmy worked in his family venture – Sarna Exports. In the year 2000, Timmy Sarna launched Comma Home – a lifestyle store offering a wide choice of furnishing solutions. Timmy, MD of Comma Home had then planned 10 more stores across the country by 2002 but Comma Home has disappeared now. Timmy Sarna has joined his pop-in-law’s empire and is the MD of DLF Brands. Earlier Timmy lived in Green Park but post his marriage, he and Pia lives in a sprawling house in Aurangzeb Road.

Another lucky dude is Shikhar Malhotra who married Roshni Nadar, the daughter of  Tech Billionaire Shiv Nadar of the $5-billion  HCL Group. Before marrying Roshni in November 2009, Shikhar Malhotra had the modest business of Distrubutorship of Honda cars. Post his marriage with Roshni Nadar, Shikhar Malhotra is the CEO of the Shiv Nadar Schools, a pet-project of Shiv Nadar. According to reliable sources, Roshni and Shikhar last year moved in to a plush house in posh Delhi that Shiv Nadar bought for Rs. 100 Crores.

The latest one to join the gang of Ghar-Jamai’s is Arjun Prasad. A banker of sorts from UK, Arjun Prasad got married to Pernia Qureshi, daughter of Moin Qureshi, one of India’s largest meat exporter. The couple recently moved in to the Service Apartments at Aman, which obviously is paid for by pop-in-law, Moin Qureshi. Workwise…nobody knows what Arjun does. Most assume he tags along with his wife who at times plan to make movies but currently occupied in launching her own label of designer wear.

No I haven’t forgotten the most famous Ghar-Jamai. I am sure you know who I am talking about. But the guy took too many liberties of being the Jamai of India’s most powerful family and resultant messed up his cozy life. Last heard he is no more staying at the wifey’s house so guess he is no more a Ghar Jamai.

6 Replies to “Capital’s Lucky Ghar-Jamais”

  1. Anthead says:

    Shikhar Malhotra is gorgeous – did an excellent job of trading his looks for sasurji’s riches.

    So Pehla Jamai is officially out of Pehli Beti’s life? Good riddance I say.

  2. ritu says:

    Well you probably had forgotten about the most loaded Pa-In-Law of all Lakshmi Mittals jamai.Heard he got property in delhi by his jet setting pa in law……phew the perks of pataooing a rich papa’s daughter

  3. rocker says:

    “the most famous Ghar-Jamai”…..whos that…???

  4. Stalker says:

    Robert Vadera son in law of Mrs. SoniaG

  5. nilendra says:

    well i am also an eligible bachelor.
    but this is very intersting

  6. Avi says:

    Common guys..dont be jealous…Stand up on your own feet and may be few years down the line ppl will be vying to be your ghar-jamai 🙂

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