Sonam’s Boobs Were Too Big For The Gaultier Gown

Sonam Kapoor’s Big Boobies made more news than the movie Players at its Dubai Premiere. The Jean Paul Gaultier gown that Sonam wore to the Premier of Players in Dubai was from Gautier’s Fall 2011 Couture Collection and if you look closely the bust of the gown is conical

When Gaultier made the iconic cone-bra for Madonna for her Blonde Ambition Tour, he looked to the popular bullet bra of the fifties for inspiration. Since then Gaultier has often used the conical bra in various forms in his collections and even designed one for Kylie Minogue for the photoshoot for her album – Aphrodite.

The white gown from Gaultier’s Fall 2011 Couture collection is undoubtedly beautiful but with those 36-D Boobs, Sonam Kapoor did not do justice to the gown or to her look. What was her stylist thinking? Didn’t she see that those monstrous mammary glands were spilling out? No Sonam, you did not look sexy, rather you looked slutty with boobs spilling out from the conical bust of the gorgeous gown. Sonam, those conical shaped bustier are simply not for you!

5 Replies to “Sonam’s Boobs Were Too Big For The Gaultier Gown”

  1. baba says:

    she looks like a joker here…why do they have to wear things which they cant fucking carry… whose her fucking stylist…must be shot.!

  2. Vikas says:

    He Big r her tits?

  3. Anthead says:

    Is that a boob job I see – I thought her weight loss had deflated her tits

  4. 846shiznit says:

    even though i dont like sonam much ,i think she looks pretty fucking awesome . n those spilling boobs ur talking bout actually look good check out singer like maddona or lady gaga for that matter and several other ppl wearing those cones and SPILLING their boobs all around they all look good sonam carries off the dress fabulously and manages to look chic and erotic at the same time and tough talk to pull if you ask me ……what a dumbfuck article .writer of the article plz dont hate sonam coz she’s got a better rack than yours .

  5. Delpha says:

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