No More Neeva & Rahul Jain’s Exotic Jungle Parties

One of the best parties that I had ever attended in Delhi were the one hosted by Neeva and Rahul Jain at their farm (a dairy farm) in the heart of the city. I had never expected a jungle like farm in the heart of Delhi. Yes Neeva and Rahul Jain had a 14 Acre Dairy Farm around Malcha Marg and it’s at this farm they had hosted some of Delhi’s most memorable parties.

But now there won’t be any more such parties at this farm because some months back the real estate giant – DLF and Robert Vadra’s Skylight bought out the farm from Rahul and Neeva Jain. No doubt it’s a great buy. Nestled in Delhi’s Ridge around Malcha Marg, this farm land is a property to die for.

But I am wondering what DLF-Skylight will do with this land. The land is for ‘Dairy-Farm’ use. But then with their clout, the land-use notification can be changed and I wouldn’t be surprised if a Luxury Hotel props up in that land; that exotic land of, which I have some fond memories.

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  1. Anthead says:

    How did they manage to get this land in the first place? I’m sure it was part of the reserve forest and some hanky panky must have gone on to change the notification to “dairy farm” (yeah right!).

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